How to watch series and movies for free legally without having to subscribe to any platform

It must be recognized that subscriptions to the main television streaming platforms they are not especially expensive. For 8 or 9 euros a month, some like Apple TV + even less, you can enjoy its content.

The problem is accumulation. You need a subscription to series and movies, but also to music, online video games, software, books, storage, online stores, etc., and you’re done enslaved by a mountain of monthly fees.

Nowadays there are subscriptions for everything, and many people cannot afford more than two or three. It is a bubble that will soon burst, but that is a topic for another article. Now we are interested in something else: free platforms for streaming movies and series.

The most powerful streaming application player from Amazon, with WiFi 6, Dolby Vision and twice as fast.

It is not necessary to subscribe to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and company to enjoy quality series and movies.

Platforms like Pluto TV, Tivify, Vix, etc., offer quality content completely free. In many cases, you don’t even need to create an account. Just connect, and you’re done …

Obviously there are not the exclusive mega-premieres of the big platforms, but there are many classic series and movies, too modern series, it is included content that does not exist in paid services.

Where is the catch? There isn’t … unless you consider a trap, some advertising every so often, or when you start a new content, in exchange for being able to enjoy everything for free.

It doesn’t usually get heavy, and after all, that’s how television has worked for decades.

Free and legal quality series and movies

Pluto TV

Pluto TV has been one of the last free platforms to reach our country, and has very interesting content.

Here you will find from modern series like Doctor Who, Beast Pawns, Dog Whisperer, Top Gear, and many more, to anime classics like Sherlock Holmes, Elvis Presley movies,  etc.

Pluto TV does not need any kind of registration. You enter the web, and you choose what you want to see.

There are two types of content. Live TV offers almost 100 live television channels, divided by themes: Crime and Mystery, Comedy, Entertainment, Lifestyle, etc.

In each channel they are broadcasting a series or movie and you have to watch it wherever it goes, as in classic television before the Internet.

Pluto TV is the new streaming platform for series and movies completely free, and without registration. We explain how it works and tricks to take advantage of it.

Then there is a section On Demand with certain series and movies where you can select the chapter and watch it whenever you want, Netflix style.

If you haven’t tried it yet, our advice is to leave your prejudices behind. There are good series and movies, it works well, the image quality at 1080p is quite good, and the advertising is not too annoying.

It is available in web format, and also on Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Get free access to Pluto TV

Rakuten TV

The old Spanish platform was bought by the Japanese Rakuten, which has been offering free content for some time.

You will find classic movies, quite a few sports documentaries, Spanish cinema, Korean series, and lots of content for children.

Some titles, mainly modern documentaries such as Severiano Ballesteros or Andrés Iniesta, are 4K resolution.

Despite the fact that it is already one of the majority formats on the market, there is still a halo of urban legend and myths about 4K televisions. Surely you are interested in continuing reading since it is time to bury these 7 myths when buying a 4k television.

Of course, you need to create a free account to see it for free, with some advertising.

Rakuten TV It can be viewed in a browser, Chromecast, as an app on iOS and Android devices, and on LG, Samsung, Sony, Phiips, Panasonic and HiSense televisions.

Accede gratis a Rakuten TV


Tivify is a platform that collects content from dozens of different platforms, including DTT channels, regional televisions, and some more.

It has paid plans, as well as a free version that requires you to create a free account.

You can see 80 television channels, all but the premium channels. There is very popular content from DTT, series such as Modern Family, The Good Doctor, El Hormiguero, etc., but it is live television, you can only see what they are broadcasting at that time.

Luckily the free account allows you to restart some programs, record 60 hours and access to the last 7 days, but only with RTVE and regional televisions.

Tivify it can be viewed in the browser, as an app for iOS and Android, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV devices, and Samsung and LG televisions.

Get free access to Tivify


With eFilm it is possible to enjoy free movies online in a completely legal way just by having card in a public library.

It is an audiovisual content loan platform that has a catalog of more than 14,000 movies, series, shorts, magazines and more, where you will find a selection of Spanish, European, independent and classic cinema.

In addition, there will also be concerts and language courses in the near future. And it has modern American hits, like Star Trek Beyond or Hellboy.

Xiaomi has dozens of mobiles in its catalog grouped into different ranges according to various criteria. We explain how to understand the Xiaomi mobile range.

To enjoy this catalog, all you have to do is request access to eFilm in your library by email, by phone or at the center. Then you will have to enter the eFilm website to which you belong and register.

Keep in mind that it works as if they were a physical product, although it is streaming. You can ask provided a movie or series, and you will have 48 hours to see it.

There are a limited number of do you copy, If many people have requested certain titles, they are sold out, and you have to wait for others to stop seeing them, to gain access.

Get free access to eFilm


Like Pluto TV, Hardly it allows you view its content without the need for an account or registration. You simply access the web and see what you want, with advertising.

Here you will find hundreds of movies and series. Abounds content from Latin America, both in movies and in series and romantic and dramatic soap operas.

But there are also American films, Spanish cinema, and children’s content.

The image quality is quite acceptable, at 1080p, but it does not reach the level of others like the aforementioned Pluto TV.

The new Fire TV Stick comes with more power and a new remote with Alexa, which adds some shortcuts and in this case does allow you to control the volume and has an on and off button.

In the case of international series and films, some are dubbed into Castilian, and others into American Spanish.

You can access Hardly from the browser, iOS and Android devices, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and LG, Samsung, Vizio and other televisions.

Come for free from Vix


The app Microchannels by AMC allows you to enjoy on your mobile, tablet or Smart TV a selection of content from its 14 thematic pay channels.

It’s about certain programs, series and films for Hollywood Channel, History Channel, Cooking Channel, Crime and Investigation, Odyssey, Decasa, Somos, Dark, Panda Channel, Blaze, XTRM, Sundance TV and Sol.

Its operation is a bit special: Each month you will be able to see three selected contents from each of the channels. Therefore, every month you can watch 42 contents for free.

If you use the application on your mobile or tablet and have activated notifications, you will receive a notice every time there is a new release to watch for free on any of the channels. In the browser version you have the option to select the video quality.

It can be accessed through the browser or through an app for iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as for Samsung Smart TVs, and Apple TV.

Get free access to Microchannels


The world’s largest anime platform facilitates the viewing of many of his series completely free, albeit heavily advertised.

There are the leading anime series, and the newest, although most of the content is in Japanese, with Spanish subtitles.

Image quality is pretty good, at 1080p.

It can be seen in the browser, app for iOS and Android, some brands of televisions, and on PlayStation consoles, among others.

Get free access to Crunchyroll


RTVE Play it is the streaming platform of Spanish public television. It is possible to enter without creating an account.

In addition to the live television of their channels La 1, La 2, 24H, TDP, etc, you can also enjoy your own series and programs such as tell me O Master Chef, classic series such as Verano Azul or Isabel, Spanish cinema of all time, high-quality documentaries, etc.

Image quality is acceptable but most content is 720p. Almost all the content has subtitles in Spanish for the hearing impaired, or for those who are learning the language.

RTVE Play It is available in the browser, Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, app for iOS and Android, etc.

Accede a RTVE Play


MiTele is the television platform of Mediaset. Here you can see all the programs of Telecinco, Cuatro, Factoría de Ficción, Boing, Energy, Divinity, Be Mad and many more.

In addition, classic series from these channels are available on demand, such as The One Who Comes, Frank de la Jungla, Callejeros, and many more. Cinema, TV Movies, Telenovelas … The content is abundant.

No need to register, but you have to see three ads before each content you put.

Disney + continues to release news, such as its STAR channel. If you sign up for the annual subscription, you will save the equivalent of two months compared to the monthly subscription.

If you register you will have access to additional functions such as creating lists to watch later, parental control, or continue watching where you left off.

In this report we explain all its possibilities.

It is available in web page format, or through an app for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

Free access to MiTele


Atresplayer is the online video platform of the Atresmedia group. Here you can see the programs, sports and exclusive series of the group’s channels: Antena 3, LaSexta, Neox, Nova, Mega, and Atreseries.

Since we last visited for a previous article, it has gotten worse. Now advertising while browsing the platform is quite annoying, you have to register to see the content, and the preview releases have moved to the paid version, ATresPlayer Premium.

As in MiTele, you will also find the lifelong series of Antena 3, LaSexta, etc, as well as North American TV movies, children’s content, etc. In this report we explain all its possibilities.

Atresplayer is available on the computer from the browser (PC or Mac), tablets (iOS, Android and Windows) and smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows). You have the app on Google Play and the App Store.

You will also find it in the form of an app on Samsung and LG Smart TVs, as well as those manufacturers that use the Android TV operating system. Also on Chromecast, Fire TV and Apple TV.

Access ATresPlayer for free

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