How to connect multiple computers to one display: this is all you need to do it

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If you have a single screen and you want to have several computers connected at the same time, these are the accessories you will need.

Normally the question would be “how to connect two screens to a computer?”, But what if we want to do it the other way around, connect two or more computers to a single screen, how is it done?

It is not an impossible mission, it is actually something easier than you can imagine. These accessories will allow you to have at least two computers connected to a single screen so that you can jump between computers.

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It all starts with knowing which computers you have or want to connect to and the type of screen you want to connect it to.

Many computers offer HDMI connection for connecting to monitors, projectors or televisions. Other computers only have USB-C connections and others bet on DisplayPort O mini DisplayPort. You must know what type of connection your computer has, be it a desktop PC or a laptop.

You should also know the limitations of your monitor. As a general rule, everyone has at least two monitors.

Two cables in one monitor

The most normal thing is that the monitor you want to use with two computers has two video inputs.

Although it doesn’t have to be this way, the vast majority use HDMI and DisplayPort. Older models use HDMI and DVI or VGA, two quite old connections that are increasingly out of use.

The newer monitors tend to also bet on USB-C connection since they are compatible with the DisplayPort or Thunderbolt standards.

If you have one of these monitors with two connections, then you have half the work done because you only have to change the input from the monitor menu.

All you will need is the correct cables.

Cables HDMI y DisplayPort

For conexiones HDMI a HDMI we recommend an HDMI cable from Amazon Basics. It has nothing that others do not have, it is very cheap and they also last a long time. The 1.8 meter model costs 5.92 euros.

On connections using DisplayPort to DisplayPort This 1.8 meter Rankie cable is more than enough with support for 4K video for 7.97 euros.

What if on your computer you have an HDMI port and only one DisplayPort port remains free on the monitor (or vice versa)? In these cases it is best to get a cable with both connections is the best option, and you can use it whichever side you want.

This 1.8 meter Amazon Basics cable with DisplayPort to HDMI adapter costs only 8.09 euros. And if you already have enough HDMI cables in your house, it is best to buy an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter from Rankie for 7.99 euros.

As for the options to connect via USB-C, for example from a laptop to a monitor, we can recommend this 1.8 meter Uni cable that costs 19.99 euros.

The simplest solution: HDMI switch

€ 22.99 in Amazon

If you don’t want to mess up cables and monitors, maybe the best option is to opt for a switch.

These devices are hubs that receive several connections, in this case several HDMI cables connected to computers. From the device the connection goes to the monitor and to switch between devices you just have to press a button.

One of the best options is this UGREEN HDMI switch that accepts 3 HDMI inputs and has a monitor output, also HDMI. A remote control is used to switch computers.

You can get it on Amazon for 22.99 euros.

€ 11.99 in Amazon

If you want something simpler to connect only two computers to the same monitor, then is a switch from the Soomfon brand it’s a good option.

It only costs 12 euros on Amazon and although there are cheaper options right now, others more expensive, this switch works simply by pressing a button and also has support for 4K resolutions at 60 Hz.

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