Holidays 2022: How much will it cost to spend the summer on the Coast?

Summer is just around the corner and many are already organizing the vacations that are coming, those that, for many, were frustrated by the arrival of the pandemic in our lives. That is why, with the expensive plane tickets and the trip abroad as a possibility only for a few, there are several who hope that people will turn to the Atlantic Coast and fill destinations such as Mar del Plata, San Bernardo, Pinamar or Villa Gesell.

In normal times, without a pandemic, many families take advantage of the summer months to make longer trips and choose to vacation in Brazil, Uruguay or the Caribbean. But this summer 2022 does not seem to come easy to plan trips abroad and most, according to real estate agents and tour operators, are going to choose or are already choosing to plan their vacations on the Argentine coast.

Confident in the need to travel that the post-pandemic will bring, real estate and hoteliers on the Coast consider that in January there will be a boom in visitors to those beaches, because the public not only consults prices but is already specifying their vacations at this time.


One of the destinations most targeted by vernacular tourists, it is known, is Mar del Plata, where its College of Auctioneers has already suggested that owners who rent their homes apply a price increase of 40 percent compared to last summer.

Through a statement, the entity reported that the increase of 40 percent arose after an exhaustive analysis carried out after different meetings held with owners and registered, in a virtual way, where it was considered reasonable that the recommended increase was of that percentage.

If the owners accept the advice of professionals, always taking the month of January as a reference, one-room apartments (for two or three people) can be obtained at values ​​starting at $ 33,000 per fortnight; those with two rooms (for three or four), at $ 42,000; and those with three rooms (for five or six), from $ 50,000.

While for the three-room chalets, the cost will be from $ 60,000, with prices that will always vary according to the location, the amenities and, of course, depending on the supply and demand that exists in those days.

Likewise, for December and March 30% less is suggested, and for the month of February, 20% less than the values ​​that were always taken, which are those of the month of January, according to the statement released by the College of Auctioneers. mar del Plata.

“The prices assessed by the brokers are not mandatory, but they are subject to the free play of supply and demand for goods and services, serving only as a reference value,” said the president of the entity, Miguel Ángel Donsini.

“Sometimes it sounds loud when one hears that a 40% increase is advised,” he continued, “but this is not the case if we take into account that we are 45% equal and 50% cost of living in relation to last year, and We must not forget that the estimated prices that we give always correspond to the month of January, which was always the most expensive and most in demand ”.

To conclude, Donsini stated that “we will continue with the modality that to carry out the contracting with a secure pre-checking, in which electronic means of payments and a quick check out that complies with health standards can be used, to take care of the health of the tourist and residents ”.

The College of Auctioneers also recommended that to avoid fraud it is best to always contact legally authorized real estate agencies, and in this way you will avoid unwanted situations.


“Cariló at this time is at its best after so many years. In addition, after a difficult time such as the pandemic, like all places, we are going through a winter that we have not had for a long time, with a lot of people, ”said Cattaneo, president of the Cariló Chamber of Tourism.

In relation to the summer season that is coming on these beaches, Cattaneo specified that, already at this time of the year, “we are in the same number of reservations as last summer, and it is expected to reach 100 percent occupancy, because many of the owners’ houses are going to be used directly by them and they are not going to put it up for rent, so there is little supply ”.

For those looking for rentals with service included, they assure that the apartments in the area near the beach ask from $ 140,000 for a week in January for a 50 m² apartment. “The values ​​are adjusted up as the date approaches,” they pointed out from that Chamber, and they celebrated the good response that the real estate market is receiving in view of the summer. In hotels and apartments, the maximum value for a week will be around 500 thousand or 600 thousand pesos in those that are located on the beach line and have premium services such as spa, games for children, gym, swimming pool and park.


To all this, from the Secretary of Tourism and Economic Development of Pinamar it was reported that for the next summer season, “the level of inquiries for reservations has been increased 15% more than in previous years and without a pandemic,” and added that they have “great expectations and less uncertainty than the previous season.”

A local official stressed that the tourist city on the Atlantic Coast is preparing the summer season with great expectations. “On the one hand,” he said, “we understand that it will be the season with less uncertainty than the previous one, and we will have the experience of having passed the summer season in the midst of this pandemic.”

Juan Ibarguren, Secretary of Tourism of Pinamar, specified that “the level of consultation regarding reservations for the summer has been increased, and up to this time of year 15% more than what was commonly reserved in years without pandemic”. On the other hand, the official assured that “from the second half of the year, especially in winter holidays and long weekends, we have received a large influx of tourists greater than in previous years.”

As for the values ​​for a fortnight in January, between 120 thousand and 150 thousand pesos can be specified and for those with two bedrooms between 140 thousand and 180 thousand pesos. For a duplex, with capacity for six people, the prices range from 280 thousand to 350 thousand pesos. It is worth remembering that these values ​​are 15% less in December and 10% less for February.


For those looking to vacation on the Argentine beaches for more “gasoleros” prices, an always interesting option is Villa Gesell, a coastal city that is home to many families and that is, above all and to take into account, chosen by the youngest. On these beaches, for a unit close to the sea, between 7,000 and 8,000 pesos per day are being requested, which represents an average of 112,500 per fortnight.

For larger houses located in downtown areas or three-room apartments with two bedrooms and a pool included, the rents for January and per day range from 16 thousand pesos upwards.

In the Partido de la Costa, which groups together towns such as San Clemente, Santa Teresita, Mar del Tuyú, Costa del Este, San Bernardo (one of the favorites of the people of La Plata) and Mar del Ajó, real estate companies already receive a large number of inquiries and they started taking reservations.

“Prices increased between 40 and 50 percent, depending on the improvements made by the owners during the year,” they point out from the Center for Auctioneers and Brokers of the Partido de la Costa.

This summer, as reported, for a basic house near the sea for 5 or 6 people, with a park and at least 100 square meters in an intermediate category area, values ​​are being requested from 85 thousand pesos per fortnight. And for a duplex or triplex, 75 thousand.

In this municipality, it may be known, the most sought-after spas are Costa del Este, La Lucila del Mar and some areas of Aguas Verdes, where you can easily find prices higher than 200 thousand per fortnight for a typical family.

And the departments? How much do they ask for a basic one in the Partido de la Costa? According to the latest reference prices provided by the Auctioneers Center of that municipality, the values ​​per fortnight are as follows: a department of a room can be from 40 thousand pesos, although in certain somewhat remote areas there are from 30 thousand.

For a two-room apartment, the offers start at 55 thousand pesos, while for a three-room apartment the values ​​are set at 68 thousand pesos per fortnight.

In Villa Gesell, meanwhile, the rental prices of houses and apartments for this summer range from 70 thousand pesos, while in more remote areas – such as Mar de las Pampas – the prices reach much higher values.

In this resort, as reported, the highest demand so far has been registered in the so-called “ABC1” segment: properties located precisely in places like Mar de las Pampas, whose residences – as happens in Pinamar or Cariló – are usually listed on Dollars.

“In that market, which has already achieved a very important level of reserves, price increases – measured in pesos – were around 50% year-on-year. In the central area of ​​Villa Gesell, on the other hand, they were from 35% to 40% ”, it was pointed out from the local Auctioneers and Public Brokers Center.

Specifically, in Mar de las Pampas you can pay a thousand or 1,500 dollars per fortnight for a basic house for 6 to 8 people, while the largest, first level and for 10 to 12 people, are quoted around 3,500 or 4 thousand dollars.


MILLIONS of people mobilized through tourist spots in Argentina during this long weekend for the tourist bridge on Friday and tomorrow Monday, for the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity, sources from the Ministry of Tourism reported

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