From Parque del Oeste to Cartagena: bottles, fights, violent robberies and dozens of arrests

As the data on coronavirus infections improve throughout the country, another ‘pandemic’ is beginning to proliferate on weekends: the macro-bottles of some young people who see in the gradual lifting of restrictions, the opportunity to recover an old normality that does not always brings good things. Proof of it are the serious incidents that have been registered in Cartagena or Madrid.

On the port city has produced a tumultuous brawl between Latino and Moroccan gangsAccording to police sources, that has resulted in four wounded by a knife: three Ecuadorians and one Moroccan. One of the young Latin Americans received five stab wounds and is being operated on at the Santa Lucía Hospital because he was admitted in serious condition. 450 kilometers away, In the capital of Spain, the outlook is also bleak: 55 young people have been arrested after starring in violent altercations and several robberies of teenagers. Two sexual assaults have also been recorded.

The macrobottles in parts. The hustle and bustle for the Security Forces in Cartagena began around two in the morning, when 112 received several calls from neighbors complaining about the noise caused by loud music inside the Antigones Barracks parking lot. The Faculty of Telecommunications of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena is located in that area and since mid-September, at the beginning of the Cartagineses and Romans Festivities, the UGT union has been alerting the City Council that it has become a source of insecurity.

The Cartagena macro-bottle that has resulted in four stab wounds.

Each large bottle that they are celebrating becomes a great protest by young people against restrictions on leisure night and when the Police come they receive them throwing bottles, glasses, even stones “, as reported by José Juan Gonzáles Salas, head of the Local Administration sector of UGT in the port city.” This morning has gone from bottle to vandalism and in the end we are going to regret fatal consequences among some young people “.

The UGT unionist does not exaggerate one iota. The macro-bottle at the Antigones Barracks brought together hundreds of adolescents who consumed alcohol and drugs until after seven in the morning, which led to a tumultuous fight between Latino and Moroccan gangs. “At 7.27 am, this Sunday, ten calls were received from residents of the area, warning of a fight at various points in the university district where there were twenty people involved, “according to a source from Emergencies.

Four wounded

There were races, throwing of objects between the bands, exchange of blows and knives in between: the The trail of blood began in the Antigones Barracks and ended in Ángel Street. That was the ‘postcard image’ with which the macro-bottle in Cartagena was settled, where there was also collateral damage for some neighbors, whose vehicles were damaged during the uproar.

“Upon the arrival of the agents, they all ran away,” says a police source. The The fight between Latinos and Moroccans ended in favor of the second in view of the injured party: “It seems that the young people from Morocco carried knives and the boys from Ecuador used bottles.” Five ambulances appeared in the area and had to attend to three Ecuadorians with stab wounds in situ. “The victims were 21, 24 and 38 years old, respectively,” according to Emergencias.

“They presented stab wounds in the head, in the arms …”. The most seriously injured is an Ecuadorian who was stabbed five times and is undergoing emergency surgery at the Santa Lucía Hospital in Cartagena. “The 22-year-old Moroccan wounded man was found semi-unconscious on a spiral staircase on the Sea Wall, and he had various cuts on his hands that were made on him with a bottle.”

Stairs of the Muralla del Mar, in Cartagena, where a Moroccan wounded in the fight was assisted.


Two Moroccan detainees

The National Police has opened an investigation to clarify the origin of the tangana. “It seems that it was a fight between Latino and Moroccan gangs for a girl, although it is not ruled out that there are drug issues involved“. For now, there are two detainees, of Moroccan origin, between 20 and 30 years old, but it is most likely that throughout the day the wounded who are in the hospital will also be arrested because it is a tumultuous fight.

On weekends, more than half a thousand young people gather at the Antigones Barracks who roam freely “, denounces José Juan Gonzáles Salas, head of the Local Administration sector of UGT in Cartagena. calls on the City Council to increase the number of troops patrolling on weekends and a fixed device in the Antigones car park to “stop” the macrobottles.

“On weekends there are ten local policemen, but it takes twenty-five: ten agents patrolling the center of Cartagena and another fifteen fixed in the Antigones Barracks, with crowd control teams, with helmets, vests and shields, with the aim to avoid the concentration of young people that ends in macro-bottle “, details Salas. And he is not misguided, since THE SPANISH has been able to know that the Prevention and Reaction Unit (UPR) of the National Police proposed to establish a public order service in that area, But the commanders are prioritizing the custody of immigrants arriving by boat in the Port of Escombreras.

Madrid: a clean bottle

In Madrid the early morning was also filled with altercations and police interventions, whose origin was a macro-bottle in the Parque del Oeste, in the district of Moncloa. At two in the morning, when alcohol and other narcotic substances had already taken effect among the attendees, the first public disorders were registered, according to sources from the Higher Headquarters of the National Police have informed Efe.

National police, in Madrid, entering the macro-bottle.

National police, in Madrid, entering the macro-bottle.

The policemen, armed with riot gear, were greeted with bottles. The intervention resulted in twelve arrested for robbery with violence, two arrested for an attack on a law enforcement officer, five for a tumultuous fight and twenty-one for public disorder. Among those in shackles were four minors. When it seemed that calm had recovered, around four o’clock, the altercations resumed, when the agents tried to dissolve several groups of young people who were still gathered drinking in the park.

This second episode were arrested four other young people for public disorder and damage to urban furniture. In the area, members of the Samur and Civil Protection were mobilized, who had to assist several adolescents due to falls, alcohol poisoning and minor injuries. There were also two sexual assaults that are being investigated.

In the capital there were no gangs

The altercations between both macro-bottles in Cartagena and Madrid differ in that in the capital of Spain the disorders were not carried out by organized gangs. Sources from the National Police indicate to EL ESPAÑOL that, for the moment, “They are young people who are at their own parties and take advantage of the crowd and the confusion to commit crimes“They also point out, contrary to how it has been disseminated on social networks, that the detainees are not from the Maghreb majority.

While waiting for more data to be confirmed on the 55 detainees, this newspaper has learned that, at least, nine of them arrested by the Madrid Information Brigade, have Spanish nationality. Three of them are minors – they are between 16 and 17 years old – and four had a criminal record, among which is a robbery with violence in 2018.

Device in La Vaguada

The Police already anticipated that the weekend would produce macro-bottlings and altercations, following the trend of the previous one. A) Yes, A large device with equipment was deployed in La Vaguada -where the festivities of the Pilar neighborhood took place- in the Plaza del Dos de Mayo, and in the parks of Berlin and West.

At the beginning of the night, there were two thefts of mobile phones in this last park, which caused the Police to mobilize more resources at this point. Things being calm in La Vaguada, several agents went to Parque del Oeste, where they immediately apprehended four alleged criminals.

The Police deployed plainclothes officers and members of the Judicial Police to carry out investigations on the spot. Also to IPU riot police that they loaded to dissolve the agglomerations, late at dawn.

Given the development of events and the police presence this weekend, the sources of the body hope that the phenomenon of the bottle is less in the capital. “We do not know for sure, but the high number of detainees will, of course, be a warning so that those who want to commit a crime again, do not do so,” they point out.

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