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The duo, Assimi-Choguel will resist the waves caused by the open fronts at the moment: deterioration of relations between Mali and France, crusade against financial crime and corruption, political turmoil with the creation of a new pole opposition policy?

Premier front. The crisis between our country and France has gone beyond the framework of a simple misunderstanding. The two countries are today on the verge of rupture. And Paris, with the rapprochement initiated by Mali in the direction of Russia, does not take offense against the authorities of the transition.

Retaliation in sight? In what forms and how? Already the tone is set with the entry on the scene of puppets such as the Coordination of Azawad Movements (CMA). The reaction of this movement to “the arrival of the Wagner Group” ended up convincing those who still had doubts about the links between this movement and certain French authorities.

Will Paris limit itself to acting the CMA scarecrow or will it use other means to weaken or punish the Assimi- Choguel duo?

Second front. The fight against financial delinquency initiated by the transitional authorities. This is a strong expectation of Malians. By initiating this crusade, the authorities responded to a strong demand which was at the center of the demands during the uprising against the destructive regime of Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. How many billions of CFA francs were embezzled by a handful of individuals under the era of the Lazy King? No one knows. But the Malians want to know. Assimi and Choguel must realize that the success or failure of the transition will largely depend on the results of this crusade against financial delinquency.

However, the mafia network has had enough time to organize itself both inside and outside the country … With some of its members in prison and / or who have already crossed borders, there is no doubt that they will do their utmost to stop the machine or call into question the transition process. So, vigilance!

Third open front, it is the regrouping of certain political parties which say “to work for the success of the transition”. And these parties are already sounding the mobilization against the holding of the Assises de la Refondation scheduled by the Government next November. Beyond that, this political pole is getting organized to demand that the transition deadline be respected …

These are 3 fronts, 3 battles and 3 hotbeds of tension which open almost to the same for the authorities of the transition. Will they have enough resources and energy to cope?

CH Sylla

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