Ebay classifieds: Man picks up used clothes - he doesn't like what he has to hear

Ebay classifieds: Man picks up used clothes – he doesn’t like what he has to hear

Ebay classifieds: Deals between users can lead to strange situations. (Symbol photo)

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The web platform Ebay classifieds If the deal between the users is successful, it ensures that people briefly meet each other who hardly know anything about each other.

That worried about a recent sale Ebay classifieds for a misunderstanding that hit the buyer very hard. He made his encounter public on Twitter.

Ebay classifieds: Man picks up used clothing – misunderstandings arise

The experience of the Ebay classifieds-User apparently amused so many users that it was from Ebay classifieds was named the tweet of the week.


This is Ebay classifieds:

  • was founded in 2005 under the name Kijiji
  • In 2009 the portal changed its name to Ebay Classifieds
  • It is a regional advertising market
  • the portal is financed through integrated advertising and income from advertisements


The man, a user named ‘LordLuxor69’ describes the reason for his rummaging on the sales page. “Junior needs autumn / winter clothes. Found a couple of jackets on eBay classifieds nearby. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

That sounds like a promising deal – but when the buyer stands at the seller’s door to pick up the children’s clothing, he is surprised by a sentence. “Pick them up. ‘Ah for the grandson?’ Thank you, I feel old now, ”continues the Twitter user.

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On Facebook, where the tweet was also posted on the Ebay classifieds page, many people are amused by the anecdote – and have experienced something similar:

  • “I felt old for the first time when a friend of my little sister suddenly kissed me.”
  • “That’s why I have most of it sent to me”
  • “That’s how I felt before, I sold a children’s room. If a man comes to pick it up and I full post: ‘The grandchild is sure to be happy.’ He: ‘No my daughter.’ I would have loved to sink into the ground. “
  • “I (38) was kept in the playground for my one-year-old daughter’s grandma.”
  • “Tears laughed”

There are also consoling words for the user from the social media team at Ebay Classifieds: “A lot of what is old with us is very valuable!”


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On the other hand, a new scam that is going around on Ebay classifieds is not at all funny. This is how the money should be pulled out of your pocket. (kv)

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