Dremel cordless multitools: models, differences and everything you need to know before buying

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Rotary multi-tools have become famous over the years thanks to brands like Dremel, who have taught us the best alternatives. Being able to have a machine with several functions helps us forget about having cumbersome sets that take up a lot.

With such tools on the market, it is normal for competition to emerge. Now we are going to see what is most important in this type of machine and how to get the most suitable one.

We advise that the Dremel brand always stands above the rest and will be among our recommended tools. But that does not take away to look at other brands. Without further ado, we are going to learn about these types of gadgets.

What is a rotary multitool for?

To begin with, we must define a rotary multitool as a machine that allows us to perform multiple functions with the change of its accessories. It is actually based on a handle with a changeable tip that uses its motor to move the attachment at full speed.

Therefore, a Dremel-type rotary multitool can be used for as many accessories as you have. If you have the right complement, its powerful engine will serve you for everything you need. Although the main plugins can be divided into the following:

Court.- Cutting bits and discs can cut metals, wood, plastic, fiberglass, drywall, laminate floors, vinyl planks, ceramic tiles, cement boards, and plaster. The speed at which they move makes have no problem with almost any material. Although they depend on our pulse to make straight cuts.

Drills.- There are multipurpose bits for wood and glass. Although they can also be found special accessories for some type of material. In this case there is a risk of significant heating that could break the bit so it is best to do these jobs in short periods.

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Grinders.- This is one of its main functions and we can strip rust and paint without removing the base material. You can also sharpen tools, deburr and grind metals or wood. These types of accessories wear out with use, but they are very useful and work especially well.

Sanders.- There is always an accessory in the shape of a drum or wheel that can be used for sanding. They come in handy for creating a worn effect on furniture, as well as for smooth and smooth cuts on wood and metal. In addition, its small size allows us a more detailed approach.

Polishers.- There are even small accessories that are used to clean or polish metals. Certainly can make jewelry or gold look sparkly with few passes. Some also use it for other materials, such as varnished wood trim.

Carving.- Wood can be easily engraved thanks to these pieces. We can make shapes and small works of art if we want. As a detail, also can be used as a mini-tower milling machine on glass.

These accessories usually come with the machines when you buy them, although they all wear out over time. Obviously, its price influences its quality and therefore its wear. In any case, you can find spare parts in hardware stores.

How are they different from each other?

The biggest differences that we find between the different brands or even under the same signature have to do with its main capabilities. In this way, there are several points where they always vary:

Voltage.- The best multitools have 12 V and 2 Ah batteries, which give you enough autonomy to work continuously and enough power. This power is the one used by Dremel, on the other hand, the rest of the brands usually go down to 3.6 V and 1.5 Ah. Dremel uses better batteries and they work better.

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Accessories.- Not only in its quantity, which in the cheapest models is vastly less, but also in its quality. Top brands like Bosch and Dremel use better materials for your accessories, extending their useful life.

Size.- Despite what it may seem, that the machine is too compact is not good. Lower priced multitools are usually smaller. That makes them manageable, but also makes them have less resistance to the unexpected and that they can leave more easily during work. Higher value models are more stable and can weigh up to a kilo.

Despite these differences, some things are very similar. For instance, almost all rotary multi-tools exceed 15,000 rpm. This is usually sufficient for many jobs. In fact, Dremel machines are not usually the highest revs, but the set is better.

Ginour TPK-PT014, the most affordable on the market

One of the main attractions of this machine is its price. It has more virtues, but it is surprising that it has such a low cost with everything he has.

Comes with 32 2.3 mm accessories, which are packed in a very practical plastic box. It’s not very glamorous, but it does the job.

It has a 3.7 V battery, which will allow us to work for 90 minutes. It’s easy to charge and takes just an hour to get ready to work again. It must be said that to charge it uses a micro USB cable compatible with mobile chargers.

Also has 3 rotation speeds: 5,000 rpm, 10,000 rpm and 15,000 rpm. This allows you to adjust to different types of work.

With this multifunction tool you will be able to carry out any type of activity without problems. It has a 3.7 V battery that can last more than an hour and its 3 speeds will allow you to balance its speed depending on the surface.

It is easy to handle due to its small size and weight. Its revolutions may be lower than those of other devices, but being more compact there is not much problem.

It can be obtained for 19.99 euros. It is certainly very cheap and can help you with simple jobs.

Einhell TC-MG 135 E, an all-terrain machine

This mark always appears as an alternative whose value for money is really good. It comes in a compact, high-quality package with a soft grip that easily holds in the hand. It can easily carry out grinding, cutting, drilling, engraving and polishing work.

The telescopic clamping with hook and flexible shaft included In the package they allow to transform the grinding and engraving kit into a stationary device. This allows for a variety of creative building and modeling tasks.

Have a electronic speed regulator for easy speed adjustment from 10,000 rpm to 32,000 rpm. So we can vary when we work with different accessories and surfaces.

Count with one practical lock button, located near the chuck. This button allows us to safely change the add-ons. You can even use accessories of different diameters.

This rotary multitool is one of the most versatile options on the market. It has more than a hundred accessories for you to work as you see fit. It also includes a telescopic stand and a shaft so you can use the machine in a fixed position, for delicate work on wood or polishing objects.

This multitool is supplied with a wide range of accessories. In its practical storage case we can find 189 different pieces valid for any job.

It can be had for 49.50 euros and is the perfect tool for those who want to focus on wood carving or polishing small objects. Although it also works for less delicate jobs.

Dremel Lite 7760, compact and affordable

This multitool has a smaller appearance than others. That is because it is intended especially for simple home renovations, creative work and DIY projects.

This machine offers us great precision, being able to choose between 8,000 rpm to 25,000 rpm, thanks to its fully variable speed settings. It has a soft grip that makes it easy and comfortable to use.

Its lithium-ion battery is 3.6 V that maintains its charge and can be easily recharged. This does thanks to a micro USB cable, although it comes without a head.

It must be said that it comes with a total of 14 different tips. These are suitable for any type of task, although there are a greater number of accessories for cleaning and polishing materials, which can make it perfect for lovers of small works of art.

Introducing a high-quality multitool at a moderate price and easy for everyone to use. It has 14 different tips that, together with its variable speed, will allow you to work on a multitude of surfaces in the way you want. It charges quickly through a micro USB cable compatible with mobile chargers.

It is especially easy to use, since it only has a couple of buttons and an easy charging system. In addition, its complete instruction book also works as a user guide, which will be appreciated by the most novices.

If you want to use it, it only costs 70.90 euros. It is a mid-range machine that is really useful and belongs to the best brand of this type of gadget. This is a good deal.

Dremel 8220-2 / 45, the best brand with the best performance

We arrived at what would be the best possible option. For starters, it has a 12V lithium battery. This lets us work for hours before the battery drains. It is perfect for demanding jobs and large DIY jobs.

This battery also powers an LED light that gives us a perfect view of the workplace. In fact, if the battery is low, the engine continues to run with high performance, preventing you from having to lower the work level until there is no power left.

When buying it, it will come in a practical briefcase where we will find its charging station and 42 accessories. Among them there are tools for sanding, cutting, polishing and a long etc.. It is a precision machine that will allow us to vary its speed between 10,000 rpm and 35,000 rpm.

If you want her by your side, it costs 148.69 euros. It is a considerable cost, but we can assure that its professional quality is beyond any doubt and is the best there is.

This is one of the best rotary multi-tools on the market thanks to its powerful 12 V and 2 Ah battery, which will allow you to carry out demanding jobs for longer than the rest. Its LED light will give you light in the most inhospitable places and its speed regulator will ensure that you always have a suitable way to face repairs.

Now that you know what multitools are, you sure want one. Any fix that you have to do at home would find an accessory that would suit you with these devices.

Also, now you know that there are alternatives to the Dremel brand. Although it is still the best and it is highly advisable to get one of their machines.

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