Daily Horoscope October 11 - Say something sweet, Taurus


There is a lot of emphasis this year on your sex life; if you are still single, there is no immediate marriage in the offing, but more sexual activity. With Mars in your horoscope, you are more carefree and assertive. If you like someone you will be proactive and not wait for phone calls.


Your attitude determines this day. Try to look beyond your front door and be open to potential opportunities to push your boundaries. Financial support is available if you present your plans with the necessary panache.


The result of an artistic or business project will be announced shortly. Check details and make it clear that you will stay until the job is done. There is love in the air, but also strife. Say something nice again.


Don’t immediately back off if you suspect others of using your ideas. Keep your sense of humor in all circumstances. Accept an invitation to join an illustrious company. Follow a hunch.


Problems are solved by focusing on common goals. This requires a fair exchange of information. A love affair reaches a next stage. A past rival can become one of your best friends.


Think of it as an assignment to go with the flow and test your chances. A gift can help make you look better. Climb the ladder of success by choosing your words with care, both verbally and on paper.


A love affair can develop after a clash of opinions; a Sagittarius looks at you with different eyes. Dare to change something and do it in your own way. Hang out with enthusiastic people who believe in you.


You get very little by standing still. Be open to change, travel, variation and develop your talents. Focus your attention on your surroundings and try to embellish it. Contact with an ex can create a tricky dilemma.


Check your administration and bank account; something can be quite disappointing. A conversation can bring the solution to a problem without it being discussed. The universe has puzzling sides.


Relationships and appointments require attention; you may need to pick up your pace. Your business life shows no wrinkles; neither is your love life. Watch the time and don’t forget a deadline. A commitment is permanent.


People who, in principle, show an interest in the things you are doing can express this in a strange way. Be aware of rapid changes. Don’t do anything rash.


Concentrate on important matters and align your work. Revise a plan that doesn’t seem feasible and try to cut costs. Keep copies of letters about a legal matter. Count on your partner.


If others see no point in a project presented by you, there is no point in pushing it through. A promise put on paper will be fulfilled with some delay. A loved one’s financial position can become painfully clear.

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