Belarra wants Spain to be Cuba: «We need banking, pharmacy and energy to be public»

The leader of Podemos, Ione Grass, has participated this Sunday in the University of Autumn of the purple formation, overshadowed by the reappearance of Pablo Iglesias, former vice president and former leader podemita. The Minister of Social Rights has advocated before hers for the most communist discourse and is committed to making Spain look more like Cuba: “We need a public bank, but also a pharmaceutical company and an energy company under democratic control so that the country does not have to kneel before the electrical oligopoly ».

Given how well Podemos has done with Pedro Sánchez in his budget negotiations, Belarra sets the horizon for 2030 to nationalize certain sectors that it considers “strategic”, in the purest communist style. Banking, energy, telecommunications or the pharmacy are in the spotlight of the podemita agenda, since they have channeled the attack on private property through the Housing Law agreed with Pedro Sánchez.

«I refuse to let the country again get on your knees before the electrical oligopoly. We need strategic sectors under democratic control and at the service of the general interest, as mandated by article 128 of the Constitution, ”he proclaimed in the act that took place in the Pilar Bardem auditorium in the town of Rivas.

Belarra has indicated that if you want a sovereign country, where people live well, Spain “has to strengthen its State” and use all the means at its disposal to protect citizens, because the lesson that the coronavirus pandemic leaves is that when “things get difficult, only the public saves.”

The creation of a public energy company continues to focus the efforts of the leader of Podemos. Belarra, unable together with the rest of the social communist government to give an effective response to the constant rise in the price of electricity, pulls down the middle street and asks to create a public energy company to manage the hydroelectric jumps and photovoltaic plants.

He has also cited his proposal to establish a public pharmaceutical company, something that they have also demanded on other occasions, to reduce health spending or promote a public bank that “finances the productive economy, true entrepreneurs and not those who pay in b al PP ‘.

Belarra has said that he is aware that there will be a “furious” reaction on the part of the economic elites to his plans to create public companies in strategic sectors, which in his opinion dare to “threaten the citizenry when courageous measures are taken”.

Attack on Sánchez Galán

Ione Belarra has focused her attacks on one figure, that of the president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, which the entire left already points to as public enemy number 1 so as not to recognize the failure in the management of the social-communist government. The leader of Podemos coins the mantra that has been unleashed by not being able to justify to her voters the historical records of the price of electricity with a social-communist Executive, and that is why she accuses Galán of threatening to temporarily close nuclear and photovoltaic plants, empty reservoirs or say that with “radicals you can’t govern.”

«What seems truly radical to me is that your company wins 1,531.3 million euros in the first semester of 2021, and that you personally pocket more than 12 million euros in 2020, while your country is experiencing the worst economic crisis in 100 years, “said Ione Belarra to defend that the Government has done” the only sensible thing »I could do:« Withdraw benefits from electricity companies to lower the electricity bill ». A measure that, as it has been seen this weekend, is not only not effective but does not prevent the bill from continuing to grow. Analysts estimate that it may reach € 300 / MWh this winter. Meanwhile, Calviño begs Brussels for a common energy policy in the face of these fatal forecasts.

Of course, Belarra has demanded that his government partner, the PSOE, “not waver, be brave and defend these measures against the electricity olgopoly.” “Be brave, because if the public sees us as brave, they will embrace us,” he declared.

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