To speak of a friendship with Kasper Schmeichel is perhaps an exaggeration, says Daniel Bachmann.

But for Tuesday (8:45 p.m. in the LIVE ticker) In any case, a new topic of conversation with the Danish national goalkeeper has been added:

“We know each other relatively well and have run into each other several times. And yes, we will certainly have a brief chat about Claudio Ranieri.”

The background is obvious. Claudio Ranieri has been Bachmann’s new coach at Watford FC since this week. In 2016, the Italian again sensationally celebrated the title in the Premier League together with Schmeichel and the then ÖFB captain Christian Fuchs.

“Claudio Ranieri is known very well in football anyway, especially in England, of course. What he has achieved with Leicester is certainly one of the greatest sports stories that has ever been written,” enthuses Bachmann and laughs:

“Well, I don’t think we’re going to be champions now. But I hope, of course, that he can bring the experience he had at Leicester to bear.”

Little leeway at Watford

One did not have to expect that Ranieri Watford would even be able to take over shortly before his 70th birthday. Seven points from the first seven rounds are not too poor a result for a newcomer.

Ranieri was crowned champion in 2016 with Schmeichel and Fuchs

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“Of course, as a climber, the primary goal is to create solid relegation. But Watford is known for the fact that there is hardly any leeway in terms of performances and results,” the ÖFB goalie explains the high demands and calculates:

“Ranieri is the 13th permanent coach and 17th overall coach in the last ten years. That’s almost two coaches per season. It’s like that at Watford, it’s well known. We as players know that things can go very quickly there. “

No contact with Ranieri yet

Although one could have assumed that Xisco has more credit, after all, the Spaniard had a large part in the rise:

“He did an incredible job, especially last season. He came when we were in a difficult situation, nine or ten points behind a promotion place. We made an incredible run under him. But now we have a new coach. We Players don’t really focus on what the executive suite is doing at the club. We are the ones who have to be on the pitch and perform. We are now doing that under Claudio Ranieri. “

The Lower Austrian has not yet had personal contact with the old coach. His assumption is that Ranieri is currently “busy” to find enough players for regular training, since many members of the squad are in their national teams.

“I will of course have a talk with him on Wednesday when I come to the training center and get to know him,” said Bachmann.

Little things in the background

The 27-year-old last played for Watford on September 11th. First a knee injury stopped him, and he had to sit on the bench in the last league game before the international break. Team boss Franco Foda was recently silent about why this was the case.

“Then there are little things in the background that have nothing to do with the sport. But I’m pretty sure that I’ll be in goal again against Liverpool.”

Daniel Bachmann

Bachmann himself justified it on the one hand with the fact that he had only returned to training two days before: “And then there are little things in the background that have nothing to do with the sport. But I’m pretty sure that I’ll be back against Liverpool There should normally be no question that everything will be cleared up by then. “

In any case, the guest appearance in the Faroe Islands was the first assignment in a few weeks, and Bachmann has, as is well known, solved this task very well.

“I’m there to prevent the ball from getting into the goal, it doesn’t matter who it’s against. It makes no difference whether that’s number one or number 150 in the world. There are no easy games these days,” he said Keeper is not surprised that the underdog forced him to make a few saves.

Not normal wind

The fact that the ÖFB back team didn’t always seem firm cannot automatically be seen as a warning signal with regard to the Denmark game.

On the one hand, Bachmann assumes that it will be a different game: “Because the Danes have technically better players in their team than the Faroe Islands. We won’t be facing such an extreme, long passing game that really is in connection with the wind was difficult. “

On the other hand, the conditions in Torshavn would have been tough: “Normal, if you have wind and it goes in one direction, you know what to expect. Only then did the ball suddenly become faster in the air and a half A second later, slower again. You can’t really see that from the outside, but it wasn’t easy to come to terms with it. “

Doesn’t matter if Cristiano Ronaldo or Ashley Barnes

The 26 goals of the Danes in this World Cup qualification (without conceding at the same time) are divided between 17 different players. Since it is so widely distributed, it fits very well that Bachmann generally does not prepare for individual opponents.

“If you look at the individual players, they are good, but it’s not that they have the incredible superstars in the team, but when it comes to the quality of the players, our squad is at least equal.”

Daniel Bachmann

“My job is to keep the ball out of the goal. Whether Cristiano Ronaldo shoots or Ahsley Barnes from Burnley FC makes no difference to me. It’s the same with Denmark,” emphasizes Bachmann, praising the Scandinavian collective:

“In my opinion, their greatest strength is how good they are as a team. Because if you look at the individual players, they are good, but it’s not that they have the incredible superstars in the team, it’s because of the quality of the players , our squad is at least equal. But they are doing better at the moment than we have managed to appear as a collective and win games in the last few weeks. “

Not swam on the noodle soup

As impressive as Denmark marches through the group just to congratulate them on qualifying for the World Cup, Austria does not want to come either.

Bachmann is also aiming for a victory in Copenhagen – knowing full well that it will be anything but an easy task:

“No goal conceded, 26 goals scored – they have the perfect statistics in this World Cup qualifying. Nobody else can match that. That is an impressive statistic, but we didn’t swim on the noodle soup either. We will of course see that we can To make the game as difficult as possible for them. The goal is to win the game. “

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