Augusto Costa rejected the opposition's criticism of the trips of graduates of the Province

The Buenos Aires Minister of Production, Science and Technological Innovation, Augusto Costa, came out today to meet the criticism of the opposition, and especially of the candidate for macrista deputy Diego Santilli, to the financing of the trips of graduate students and asserted that this sector ” he says no to everything and always defended privileges. “

Costa supported the Buenos Aires government’s decision on his Twitter account and said: “The opposition claims that only students who can afford a graduate trip have the right to know other places, landscapes, realities and share unique experiences at the end of the school year. Nothing new for those who always defended privilege. “

“At the same time they question initiatives aimed at promoting the reactivation of tourism, one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. They clearly do not care about people or care about those who have been going through a bad time and need a present State to get ahead”, added the official.

For his part, the Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, also said on Twitter that the opponents “do not want more universities, they did not open more hospitals, they left abandoned ambulances and beat vaccines. It could continue all afternoon. But now Buenos Aires come to criticize policies Buenos Aires reactivation and reconstruction that make the people happy. It’s unusual, isn’t it? “.

In another part of the thread of tweets, Costa stressed that “although Diego Santilli (candidate for deputy of Juntos) is scared, we need the tourist season to be extended as long as possible to recover what was lost by the pandemic. Province will finance a basic travel package for graduates between February and April 2022 “.

Santilli had said, among other things, that “in these weeks we are seeing a horrible spectacle, where refrigerators, bicycles are given away, overnight the pandemic is over, they do an act of 40 thousand people where they violate the very protocols that they do. And now they give graduate trips “.

Costa also pointed out that “this is not synonymous with giving away money. The money allocated will go to hotels, transportation companies, gastronomy, student guides, businesses and travel agencies that did not work for months or did so under limited conditions.” .

The minister remarked that “this measure is part of a broader program of promotion and reactivation of the tourism sector in the province of Buenos Aires, an industry that employs around 130 thousand people in our territory.”

Costa added that “we also announced the sending of a bill to exempt the tourist accommodation sector from the real estate tax, from March 2020 to September 2021.”

“In addition, we launched a program that promotes the province’s popular festivals through financial support. There are around 1000 festivities and celebrations that call for thousands of tourists, make our identity, our culture and our tradition visible,” Costa added.

In another section he stated: “We present the app and the #RECREO website in the Province, to access all the cultural and tourist proposals of the 135 municipalities in a single platform, as well as promotions and discounts, so that more and more tourists know and enjoy our destinations “.

And he confronted the opposition that “if you are so concerned about education and how many computers could be bought with the resources allocated to these policies, why don’t you explain to us the reasons why the educational budget in CABA decreases year after year or why they discontinued the Connect Equality Plan “.

“While the opposition says no to everything and tries to get political profit from the pandemic, we are working to get the province and the country forward after the disaster that they left us,” he concluded.

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