Aucán Huilcamán: "The police have nowhere been the mechanism that leads to peace, the only way is a political dialogue"

Various fires, mobilizations of truck drivers and a person who died in a fire in Carahue are part of the acts of violence recorded in recent weeks in the Araucanía region. A situation that in the analysis of the person in charge of international relations of the Council of All Lands, Aucán Huilcamán, is far from causing a change in the strategy applied by the Government to face the problem in the area.

“The Government of President Sebastián Piñera has absolutely failed in its relationship with the Mapuche people”, said the leader in conversation with our media, recalling that although only a few weeks ago, the Government began a process of dialogue with the community, through the Nansen Center for Peace, at the same time it has insisted on granting resources for the endowment of carabineros in security actions, propitiating the worsening of the conflict.

For this reason, in Huilcamán’s analysis, the acts of violence in Wallmapu have a rather confusing origin, but they are undoubtedly distant from the Mapuche cause and have only contributed to their stigmatization and criminalization.

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“This is not a fanciful statement because what happened with the Huracán operation, by a left-wing government like that of Mrs. Bachelet, gave rise to a right-wing government acting with another trial. That is to say, the manual of the era of the military dictatorship in Araucanía is being applied fully and with even greater perfection, and that will lead to a further development of the conflict. We only hope that at some point the dialogue will prosper in the face of this situation, ”he said.

Likewise, the member of the Council of All Lands referred to the mobilizations of the truck drivers’ unions in the south, which, although they are on hiatus during this long weekend, could be resumed if they do not reach an agreement with the Government.

In this regard, Huilcamán pointed out that “On the one hand, the truckers are taking advantage of the situation of the conflict in La Araucanía, a conflict between the Chilean State and the Mapuche people, to obtain some benefits in their favor. Economic benefits ”.

However, he added, “it has been clearly demonstrated that The Government in the Araucanía has two behaviors, a repressive character with the Mapuche who claim their rights, and a different one with the truck drivers who want to annul those rights. and whose demonstrations even had the security of the Carabineros ”.

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Regarding the political handling of this situation, and the pronouncements of different parliamentarians blaming various Mapuche organizations for the acts of violence, Huilcamán recalled that it must first be understood that “the Chilean state arrived in this territory by force and violence, therefore it does not enjoy any legitimacy, both in their institutions and in the property they have constituted ”.

“In second place, They have a double discourse because they support with increasing amounts of resources for the military and police equipment of La Araucanía and on the other hand they call for peace. The police in no part of the world have been the mechanism that will lead to peace, the only way is a political dialogue with a clear and public agenda ”, he criticized.

Finally, the Mapuche leader insisted that the Office of the Comptroller of the Republic at the beginning of this month rejected the government decree that sought to maintain the military protection in the Southern Macrozone, so the call of some parliamentarians in favor of this same transgresses the autonomy of public institutions and only contributes to the revival of the violence that is so widely criticized in the region.

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