Abascal's attacks on the UN, the EU and Pablo Casado support Pedro Sánchez in Moncloa

The “globalist agendasThey “seek” the destruction of the middle classes, the liquidation of the sovereignty of nations and the attack on the family, life and common roots of the West. “That is why we must” preserve our national identity and take care of the freedoms threatened by the new totalitarianisms and the mass illegal immigration“as well as” lift whatever the European Taliban brings down. “

And all this through a Agenda 2030 which tries to “promote mass immigration, gender ideology, climate religion, failed multiculturalism and ban our culture by uprooting our roots and silencing our history.” But also of “promoting abortion and euthanasia” or of “indoctrinate children in schools … when not directly corrupting them“.

That has been, roughly, the discourse with which Santiago Abascal presented this Sunday his Agenda Spain, an initiative against “the plan” concocted by United Nations for “that we remain before China even if a deadly virus is expected on the planet” or “speak on behalf of women and homosexuals, but say nothing about those who would stone or hang them“.

The harsh speech of Santiago Abascal against Casado, the UN and the EU

That is the speech of the third political force in Spain, that if the elections were held today, it would harvest 16.3% of the votes that would translate into 55 seats and would have a leading role in the next legislature. A speech traced to that of the reactionary right that is making its way in Europe, and that has Hungary and Poland as reference headlights.

It is enough to see the chosen comrades to present the new ideological lines of the party, such as Mateusz Morawieckiy (Polish prime minister) or Viktor Orbán, which could be sanctioned by Brussels for its anti-LGTB law. But also André Ventura and Giorgia Meloni, leaders more heeled to the right of Portugal and Italy (respectively), with whom the Vox leader intends to build a front in southern Europe against “the European Taliban”, referring to the EU and its “bureaucrats”.

The leader of the Italian party Fratelli d’Italia, at the Vox event ‘Viva 21’, at IFEMA.


These last two speakers were present in situ at the great event held this weekend by Vox at the IFEMA fairgrounds in Madrid, where they gathered 20,000 supporters. There they vindicated “patriotism” in the face of the “threat” of the left to the identity of the peoples. “In this battle you are not alone,” said Meloni.

But if something was clear, it is that the battle is not only against the left. After the intervention of the international speakers, Abascal took the lectern to attack the UN, the European Union and the “elites of progress”whose interests would be well represented by the Government of Pedro Sanchez and in opposition by Pablo Casado: “They are not an alternative. They are a crude relay with different faces.”

A tough speech

After a joyous and folkloric first day, focused on the defense of Spanish traditions, the political rally on Sunday arrived with a very different tone. Abascal’s speech was, in all probability, the harshest he has delivered since Vox burst into Spanish politics, back in 2018, in the Andalusian elections.

And he did so by appealing to the feelings and mobilization of the youths, to whom he asked not to be “deceived” or “robbed” by the Government of Spain: “They steal from your parents to buy from you“.

He had for everyone, from the Executive of Sánchez, whom he accused of “removing graves, promoting suicide and paying homage to serial killers”, even for the “Brussels bureaucrats”, including Pablo Casado: “It will not reach any government, because Spaniards cannot be lied to”.

“They are the same, the right of Amazon and the left of seafood”; “They don’t know how to do math” … These are just some of the attacks on the Popular Party, which were received with surprise even by some of the supporters present.

Many interpreted it as a “response” to the speech that Casado dedicated to him in the motion of censure presented by Vox a year ago, in which he blamed Abascal for his commitment to a Spain “of trenches”, in “black and white”, thus as by “the breaking block”.

“Election campaign”

The address, as admitted by training leaders at IFEMA, is an entry in “election campaign“And judging by what we have seen this weekend, Vox’s message will focus on criticism of” radical feminism, false environmentalism, mafias that traffic in people, and globalist policies that only benefit politicians. of consensus “.

But above all, in the criticism of the illegal immigration. “This weekend 44 young Maghrebians went to where the young people were enjoying to rob and knife. The guilty of their crimes sit in Congress“Abascal denounced, explaining his roadmap from now on.

The speech, the companies and the content of the Agenda Spain, which deals with closing “fundamentalist” mosques or expelling immigrants without papers “immediately”, show that Vox can no longer be understood as a hard split from the PP, but as a party comparable to the European extreme right.

Prop it up on Sánchez

Paradoxically, Abascal’s speech has been received with more enthusiasm in Moncloa than among the thousands of voxeros congregated. And all because they understand that it will serve to incite fear of the extreme right in the face of the next general elections, scheduled for the end of 2023.

Sources close to the President of the Government say they are not “surprised with the radicalism” and the “barrabasadas” of Vox, and use Abascal’s diatribe to warn of “the extremist drift that Pablo Casado is taking in matters such as housing or that Spain is doomed to bail out the European Union “.

The statements made this Sunday by the former popular militant serve to point, by extension, to the leader of the polls, since he would need training on his right to form a Government (as well as Citizens and Navarra Suma).

“That Vox is so far from the consensus is not something new, but that the leader of the PP turns his training into something very far from the focused alternative government that this country needs is very worrying,” they settle from the environment of Sánchez, who asks Casado to “abandon the path of insult and blockade” and decide “to join those of us who want to advance and work for the future.”

By the Popular PartyHowever, they mark distances with the political line of Vox and confirm to this newspaper that for months that “we neither looked at them nor did we look at the PSOE.” An idea on which the popular ones have been insisting since the debate of the aforementioned vote of no confidence.

The opposite vote, together with the words of its leader equating Vox and PSOE as “the two sides of the same coin”, represented a discursive and real turning point within the party that now leads the polls, which is why since Genoa consider that the decision taken then was the correct one: “We are going to explain our alternative program for Spain and that’s it, they are the ones who are nervous“. They, Vox or PSOE?” We do not care which more of the two.

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