• Zeynep’s father has threatened Fatih

  • Fatih has forced Zeynep to reunite with his family

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The time has come to confront your father. After the complicated meeting that Fatih had with Zeynep’s father, the young man will fulfill his promise in the next chapter of ‘Love at second sight’. The couple, accompanied by little Selin, will go to the family home to have the first meeting. What will happen? How will the girl’s father react when he is in front of her and her grandson?

Fatih and Zeynep’s farce begins

After showing up at Fatih’s house as a couple, the game begins. The supposed marriage will have to pretend to the whole family that they are happy and in love. However, it will not be easy. Gaffes and misunderstandings will soon emerge since they hardly know each other and have not prepared enough the lie. This, together with the tension in the house due to the opposition of the young man’s mother, makes the situation a bomb about to explode.

And it is that when Zeynep discovers that they must share a room, everything gets even more complicated. “You accepted and as far as I know, husbands and wives share the same house, the same room and even the same bed. As far as I know it’s a game. Don’t panic. I’ll sleep on the sofa,” Fatih says to his wife without imagine that the night is going to be more complicated than they think. Little Selin gets sick and that causes the first big clash between Zeynep and Grandma, who will continue to meddle by hiring a babysitter for the little one (who by the way has already won her over by coincidentally bearing the name of her late husband).

Fatih’s confession

Having overcome the crisis of the baby’s fever and with Zeynep asking her to confess that he is not his son, Fatih opens up with her. “My mother has always decided for me. It was a kind of toy for her. When I left, for the first time I was free. My life, my decisions, my wishes … You see how things are here. They want me to marry that girl. She is very pretty but I am looking for something more than beauty. I want my heart to beat. For that reason I will not marry her even if my family tries. I have told them that I am married and that the baby is mine. They are offended but have seen that I am worth for myself. Now we are you, me and the little one. The three of us make a nice picture. I just wanted to believe this beautiful lie, I wanted it to be real, “he tells his false wife, whom he asks for time to confess. And that is how little by little the couple is getting closer.

Zeynep, in ‘Love at Second Sight’

Zeynep’s father threatens Fatih

But Fatih’s family will not be the only problem in this story. Zeynep’s father is a tough nut to crack and Fatih won’t take long to find out. The young man is kidnapped at gunpoint, taken to a boat and threatened with being thrown into the sea with a cinder block on your feet if you don’t bring Zeynep home.

Fatih, threatened by his ‘father-in-law’

Do not miss your appointment with Zeynep and Fatih

Going forward with their lie will not be easy, but they are willing to do whatever it takes. Will they be able to convince their families that they are a happy and loving couple? Will they fall into their own trap? If you want to discover what happens between Fatih and Zeynep, you cannot miss the next chapters of ‘Love at second sight’. Monday through Friday at 5:15 p.m., at Divinity.

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