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Nielsen strives to guide the Asian-American community to understand the importance of participating in surveys so that the voices of the Asian-American community are better heard.

Why is data participation important?

Asian Americans are a major resource in the United States, both in terms of cultural influence and high levels of consumption. Since 2000 there has been a significant growth in the Asian-American population. In Dallas-Fort Worth, that growth is even more evident in the data collected.

The top three Asian American communities in Dallas Fort Worth are the South Asian/Indian, Vietnamese, and Chinese communities. Among Asian Americans living in Dallas Fort Worth, about 23% are immigrants who immigrated more than 10 years ago, and another 35% are second or third generation Asian Americans. This is important because it can help explain generational differences among Asian Americans in the same region.

“About 57% of the immigrant generation is fluent in English, but 86% speak a language other than English at home,” said Patricia Ratulangi, vice president of Global Communications – DE&I at Nielsen. When we compare this to the second or third generation, where English is the primary language spoken at home, we begin to look at how differences and experiences between generations may play a role. in shaping how Asian Americans use media and what they choose to buy.”

What is the Nielsen Family?

For more than 50 years, Nielsen has continued to measure the content people watch and listen to. The knowledge and data Nielsen gathers come directly from real people to understand exactly how audiences watch TV, stream, and listen to music and podcasts. To measure all of this, Nielsen wants families to be part of a survey group, small groups that share similar characteristics (such as race, gender, etc.) with a larger group, to allow We measure what they watch on TV and hear on the radio. The Nielsen survey groups are also known as the Nielsen Family, Nielsen House, or Nielsen Household. Learning from Nielsen Families has a direct impact on whether a television or radio show continues to air.

Nielsen there have?

Nielsen is a market information, data and measurement company. By connecting with diverse audiences, Nielsen empowers the media industry with the most accurate understanding of what communities are hearing and watching. To discover what audiences love, Nielsen measures across all channels and media, from podcasts to TV streaming to social media. To learn more about Nielsen, please visit: NielsenCommunity

About Nielsen

Nielsen Holdings plc (NYSE: NLSN) is a global data and analytics company that provides objective and comprehensive information on the media industry. With services including audience measurement, audience outcomes, and content, Nielsen provides customers and partners with simple solutions to complex questions and optimizes the value of their investments. and their growth strategy. This is the only company that can provide a solution for measuring audiences across multiple media, and eliminating duplicate data. Audiences Are All TMs to Nielsen and its customers, and Nielsen is committed to ensuring that every voice counts.

As an S&P 500 company, Nielsen provides measurement and analysis services in nearly 60 countries. Learn more at or and connect with us on,, and

Media contact: Patricia Ratulangi, Nielsen, [email protected], (312) 841-9159.


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