The tenth daughter of the Manor of Nuestra Belleza Latina?

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Sunday’s gala at Nuestra Belleza Latina consisted of renting a balcony, as the names of the candidates chosen by the jury to enter the competition mansion with their own key were announced.

Well at the end of the evening, which left many viewers unhappy to see that their favorites could not advance in the competition, and happy to the followers of Lupita Valero, Raishmar Carrillo, Yelus Ballestas, Génesis Suero, Mía Dio, Jaky Magaña, Melsissa Alemán, Clauvid Dály and Sirey Moran, who are already inside the Manor, two other girls and their fans are biting their nails.

The jury only revealed the names of 9 of the 10 finalists who will compete for the crown of Nuestra Belleza Latina, and left Cuban Fabién Laurencio de la Concepción and Venezuelan Dhanna Barnique face to face so the audience can decide who by. vote. one of them has to enter the Manor and has to say “goodbye” to their dream.

With two very different styles and loyal fans supporting them, the Cuban and the Venezuelan have generated all kinds of reactions on social media about who will have the chance to get the key to the Manor. The two candidates are trying to mobilize their followers to call as many times as necessary or to come forward via the official page of the reality show as soon as possible, since the votes will only be received until close to midnight on Monday. , date on which it expires the 24 hour period. given by the program to collect the votes.

“Unfortunately, we did not get a direct pass for the mansion, but it’s up to you to vote in the next 24 hours so Venezuela can enter… I want to go very far and it’s up to you to decide, ”said the clamor that Dhanna Barnique made, through a video posted to the NBL account on Instagram.

His competitor, Fabién Laurencio de la Concepción, did the same, and in a message a little more measured than the Venezuelan, he asked for the support of the public.

“We have taken one more step in the competition, unfortunately we have to go to the vote… I am counting on your vote,” said the beautiful Cuban in her video.

The supporters of Fabién and Dhanna have expressed all kinds of messages in which they not only shout at the public to vote for their favorite, but where they have launched criticisms typical of this type of competition, showing their displeasure at having left in this situation two strong competitors, both worthy of entering the mansion.

“I won’t see this program again, they left better people and their entire audience knows that”, “The pim pum pam remains. ? I vote for the Cuban “,” Of course we can Vamosss VENEZUELAAAA ??????????????? “,” We Dominicans do not support you for saying that you want to for Genesis to come out of the competition, that irony that they got the direct pass and today you’re begging for votes? ”, were some of the comments from fans of the show. “Sorry, I was going to vote for her (Dhanna) but for saying she wanted the pim pum pam out, I changed my mind. Next “.

To vote for Venezuelan, you can do so through the BIO link of Nuestra Belleza Latina or by calling 1-866-976-2502. You have 24 hours to vote! #Our latin beauty

To vote for Cuban, vote on Nuestra Belleza Latina’s BIO link or call 1-866-976-2501. You have 24 hours to vote! #Our latin beauty

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