In the early morning of July 3, the young Samuel Luiz He was killed by several people in La Coruña. Now, three months after a crime that shocked public opinion, the silent work of investigators has once again paid off. So far five people, two of them minors, have been accused and deprived of liberty for Samuel’s crime. One more, the only woman involved, remains under investigation, but is at large. But the investigators did not stop, and last Thursday, September 30, the seventh alleged co-author of Samuel’s murder fell. Pedro Agudo, chief commissioner of the Coruña Police, explains in an interview with OKDIARIO that the last detainee, Alejandro Míguez, a 25-year-old young man with no criminal record, was heard as a witness four days after the crime and already then the agents underlined his name because they knew he had lied. But they had to prove it.

The last three months have been exhausting for the agents of the National Police of La Coruña who, under the command of the commissioner Pedro Agudo, have managed to unravel who, how and where murdered the 24-year-old after an argument outside a bar. And beware that this is an investigation that has been subjected to media and social pressure from minute one.

«A case like this is complicated by the pressure itself, but from the beginning it was clear that I had to isolate the research capsule to work, ”explains Commissioner Agudo. “None of my superiors or the Government Delegation had problems in respecting my criteria. And that was one of the keys, because by letting us work, what was achieved was the clarification of the crime in six days. Of course, working in some cases up to 17 hours a day. In fact, some of my researchers fell ill from stress. The success belongs to the entire police corporation that has solved a crime and has also been close to the family. We are not going to recover Samuel’s life, that is irreparable, but we have contributed to justice for his death.

After the first arrests, the head of the case made it very clear that the investigation would end when the role of all those involved in Samuel’s death was clarified. Now that the seventh detainee is already in prison, it is time to find out if it is already a police case closed. «I believe that we are at the end of the beginning and at the beginning of the end. The Police have already done most of the proceedings and the instructor already has everything: image processing, phone dumps and other elements that, in the absence of small nuances, such as the rogatory commission from the United States, the case for us has been clarified ” , says Agudo, who also explains to OKDIARIO that they search the servers of the large courier companies that are in the United States:

“We know that they may have destroyed messages and we try to close the circle a little by finding what they deleted,” he explains.

On July 7, four days after the murder, investigators took a statement from the last of the detainees. He spoke as a witness to give a version of events in which he did not appear at Samuel’s crime scene and only stood with the rest of the suspects before and after the events, never in the beating. The detailed analysis of the images, his own contradictions with other testimonies and the rest of the evidence confirmed the initial suspicions of the investigators: Alejandro had lied to the Police.

Police case closed

“Alejandro, the last detainee, is one of those witnesses who we knew was not telling us the truth about what he did that night. The improvement of the images was key to achieve the full and functional identification of the last of the detainees. The investigation not only consists of the testimonies, which are very important, but they must be confronted, for example, with the images, ”explains the commissioner.

Agudo is a policeman who has been wearing a uniform for more than half his life and is one of those who by now has seen so much that very little surprises him. Even so, detaining seven people without prior records, only one minor had reviews, for the group murderer of a 24-year-old boy is something that makes him reflect.

“I was surprised by the fact that they were not registered or that they did not have a record. Only one, one of the minors. But what we can prove is that it is a group where violence is one of the paths and one of the signs that mark their meetings. Although they did not have a history, the violence with which the group was conducted made that of Samuel “The chronicle of a death foretold”. This group in particular lacks socialization tools and does not have social control. In fact, the father of one of them feels guilty for not having followed up on his son. Here several things come together and society must reflect on that. Confinement may have had some influence, but in this specific case the violence does not arise only because of that susceptibility, but we are talking about a group that has clear violent elements, “explains the commissioner before closing a case in which He never tires of congratulating all the researchers who have worked under his command to clarify it.

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