Face-to-face classes: the responsibility of the State

Neither the dan uniforms. In the parking lots of shopping malls and near the Municipal Public Security Secretariat you can see elements of the Municipal Police choosing clothing or uniforms from various suppliers, which they acquire on credit in most cases. The elements, in order to wear good quality and presentable uniforms, prefer to allocate a part of their salaries to purchase them. In this Administration of Jesús Estrada Ferreiro they were given poor quality uniforms, which after a few washes became discolored or unstitched, the boots did not work for them and it was a shame to bring them. The head of this corporation, Mauricio García, instead of negotiating with the mayor Jesús Estrada Ferreiro better conditions, presumes to citizen organizations that its elements are the best paid in the country. Maybe he does receive a salary, but the elements do not. It also presumes that some police officers have masters and doctorates, but that is not thanks to this Administration. For three years, the policemen have not been given a decent salary increase, some of them are on patrol cars that are a risk to their integrity and they give them the liters of gasoline counted. How motivated can the elements of this corporation with so many deficiencies be working? Besides, if they retire, the mayor will not pay them the seniority premium immediately and, if for some reason they die, their widows will have to start a legal procedure against the City Council so that they can deliver what by law belongs to them. In this way, with what face can we demand results from the policemen who have been replaced in some tasks by the National Guard and the Army itself if, as they go, after a while they will even have to pay to be able to work?

Bad water service. The Drinking Water and Sewerage Board of Navolato (Japan) continues without giving a good service to the population, this due to the lack of payments to the Federal Electricity Commission. This problem will not be solved in this Administration and it is doubtful that in the next one, since the governor-elect, Rubén Rocha Moya, has reiterated on several occasions that mayors will have to face the problem of drinking water boards. In Navolato, one of the Achilles heels is Japan, due to the fact that many users refuse to pay for the service and for clandestine outlets. In desperation over the poor drinking water service, groups of citizens filed complaints with the State Human Rights Commission, but it is as if they had not done so because this autonomous body does not even react on these important issues. The federal deputy Fernando García also promised to support the people of Navarre and expose the problem in San Lázaro, but this did not happen, and apparently he has already forgotten the promise, because he is seen walking through the municipality and places where there is no water, and says nothing. For now, the residents of the receivership of Villa Juárez will go to demonstrate this day to the City Hall awaiting a response, which will be very difficult.

Secretariat for Women. Undoubtedly, as the president of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, Marco Aurelio Vázquez López, applauded yesterday, the fact that all the organizations focused on the support of women merge into the Secretariat for Women is a good idea. And it is that over the years it has been observed that, by the State and the municipalities, many agencies have been created focused on the care and creation of public policies in favor of women, so that they have a life free of violence, but there are not many results. In many homes, women suffer physical, economic and psychological violence, and the victims of these crimes, despite the technology, do not know where to go for help. In addition, in some of these dependencies the work carried out is desk work, when battered women require more accompaniment. The Secretariat would be very good, but if it works.

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