After more than 580 days the fans returned to step on the stands. One of the most beautiful things that football has. The color, the music, the emotion. It was not as some Tripe supporters would have liked who preferred to play in the Forest but nevertheless many of them accompanied the team demonstrating in a different way.

From very early, the Albiazules began to fill the surrounding areas of the giant of 25 and 32, arriving in time and not to be alarmed by an atypical situation to receive Sarmiento de Junín.

Card in hand with the September fee paid and with the health certificate on the mobile phone, which in the papers would be required to enter, each of the triperos was able to meet again with the team that today leads Néstor Gorosito

Inside, the story was not different from usual and although it was expected that there would be distance between the partners taking into account the dimensions of the City of La Plata, it was defined that the South Headwaters should begin to be occupied first, and then to open the North stand after 1:15 pm. This last tier continued to receive people until the first quarter of an hour of play and with a certain “flexibility” in the controls that in the first instance had been more exhaustive.

It was thus that the flags, the drums and the trumpets were placed on the popular one that overlooks 32nd avenue, which also wore some flags placed upside down, which crystallized the disagreement of some supporters for the move of the locality.

For its part, the stalls also had their colors from both sides enjoying the flavor of the reunion of the Albiazul people, which had been seen for the last time on February 29, 2020, when he was able to step on the Forest tribune to see the victory by 1 to 0 against Atlético Tucumán with a goal from Matías García.

After 13:27, the teams jumped onto the field and heard loudly “the Garbage Man caused even Earthquakes”, one of the hymns of the healthy mens fans, which also highlights that “what matters is the people, who are the best we have ”, alluding to the return of all the triperaje that did not want to be left out for the world.

The drums with the number 22 painted on the heads, the snare drums and the trumpets did not stop sounding during the 90 minutes that a game lasted with ups and downs, but for the more than 20,000 trumpets it was still a party.

The first “uhh”, which was so surprised, was thanks to a shot from Brahian Alemán that made Manuel Vicentini roll, who saved his team by covering the Uruguayan’s left-footed shot against the base of the left pipe.

With the clock ticking, the team did not generate much and although the opponent’s goal generated a shock, the people never stopped encouraging. Averaging the complement, it was felt with some claim for the attitude of the interpreters with the “Movete, Gimnasia movete” to try to wake up the team that finally could not reverse history.

First there were controls and then admission degenerated / D. Ripoll


The change of venue during the entire week prior to the match against Green generated controversy in the Albiazul world, even with a large demonstration of a hundred members at the headquarters of Calle 4, who went to ask for explanations and express their discontent for not playing at the Juan Carmelo Zerillo.

It was thus that although the calm and festive atmosphere reigned in the stands due to the long-awaited return, many flags were displayed upside down against the railings of the Popular Sur, among which those of Berisso, Ensenada, Gambier, Filial Gorina, stood out. Altos de San Lorenzo and Plaza España, among others.

It should be remembered that in order to expand the access quota, the Gymnastics leadership asked to play in the provincial stadium, a measure that allowed access for 23,469 active members before the 50% capacity allowed by the national authorities. This was what defined the CD, above all, emphasizing respecting the places of the already sold stalls.


The testimonies of the Albiazules fans who could be in the stadium had a common denominator: “anxiety”.

The fans expressed all their desire to see the team live again after a long time.

Vaccination certificates present at stage 25 and 32 / D. Ripoll

“I really wanted, I was very anxious, I loved coming back, with my old man, one of the few rituals that we have left,” Mauro said first, rescuing the color of the previous one over what happened later in the game.

Regarding the controls, like many other fans, he maintained that “they did not ask us for anything, neither the application nor anything.”

Another topic of the day at the Stadium was the change of location and Mauro said that “I will see him wherever he plays. I do not think that the one who goes is less a fan and the one who does not go, is more a fan ”. For his part, Franco, was another of the Albiazules who acknowledged “that I was very anxious throughout the week and when I began to listen to the songs arriving at the stadium I got goose bumps”.

And in his case, he stressed that he would have liked to play in the Forest: “I would have liked to play in the Forest, it was quite a rude change in the commission, which did not give any benefit to those of us who always pay. It was a move full of excuses and I hope we can play in the Forest again ”.

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