Skin care in the pandemic

The isolation measures brought changes in consumer practices, especially in skin care. Sales of cosmetic products soared within eCommerce, with a 65 percent increase during the first semester of the year, according to a survey by Trendenube.

According to data released by that platform -this Argentine unicorn opened 90,000 stores throughout the region as of the pandemic-, electronic commerce registered a 185 percent rise in turnover in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year, reaching 26,300 million of pesos.

Skin care became for many people a moment of leisure when going out was not possible. However, those habits that began to sharpen during the strictest quarantine still prevail today. In this context, national brands came out to fight with a differentiated offer that combines price and quality.

In dialogue with PageI12, Kamikaze, Toro Blanco and VMP, national companies that with different approaches grew during the pandemic, gave their perspective on sales, marketing strategy and the rise of eCommerce, which is here to stay.

Martina Luc is founder of White bull, a natural makeup brand “that seeks to take care of the skin, take care of the planet and take care of people,” he explains. “Our most successful sales channel for now is eCommerce. It was not like that before but with the boom in online sales due to the pandemic it grew a lot ”.

Rodolofo Prieto, founder of VMP, a company that specializes in skin care products under its ACF and NIC brands, says that “the pandemic boosted the entire skin care segment in an incredible way. The use of platforms for video calls made people spend much more time seeing themselves on the screen, all of which generated an increase in the category worldwide, raw materials, products, packaging and new concepts were developed ”.

Kamikaze is a brand of natural cosmetics that produces cruelty-free creams, oils, toners, masks, soaps, deodorant and thermal water. Micaela Beherens, the creator of the brand, says that the company’s objective is to propose a concept beyond the superficial that contemplates the care of the environment and therefore, of people. “The sale of products in 2020 exploded with the pandemic. There were many advantages over other years. We opened a store in December last year but online sales are still the main sales channel,” says Micaela. And she says she remains optimistic because “many laboratories that previously did not produce raw materials so that we can make this type of cosmetics now do so due to the high demand from consumers to use this type of product. The national natural industry is highly competitive. ”

With 38 years of experience in the industry, VMP accompanies this global boom by launching new products. “Before the pandemic, we had been working on our eCommerce to strengthen that channel. To give an idea, in March 2020 we had 260 orders per month there and this year we have managed to sell 14,000 orders in our virtual store, with which the growth was exponential and we are well prepared to face it. Too we have developed the retail channel, so we have very balanced our sales trying to achieve a omnichannel presence”, Says Prieto.

Social networks

The place of sale and the marketing space happen in the same place: social networks. The different companies focus their marketing strategies on their networks and influencers from exchanges and co-authored products. The way to access the products is closely linked to the sales strategy, since when you watch the video you just have to press the link that appears on the screen to find yourself in the brand’s online store.

“Social networks have democratized in an incredible way the possibility of any brand, no matter how small, to make itself known if the product is good or different. There is a worldwide trend that is indie brands, which could be translated as author’s brands, where each one tries to be as creative and authentic as possible, being faithful to certain concepts and the best publicity is word of mouth, and the viralization in the networks is very strong ”, Prieto explains.

Such is the case of Dadatina, an influencer who reviews skin care and makeup, with whom VMP developed the ACF by Dadatina line. She started out doing skincare reviews and went from 30,000 to 510,000 followers.

“In the midst of the pandemic, we launched two complete product lines with all international standards, with all the required studies, clinically and dermatologically tested, and now we are working on a new launch and communication plan for 2022”, he completes.

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