The figure of the valid It has held a huge fascination for Spaniards for centuries because it embodies the darker side of power, which is why these powerful advisers are often attributed powers or virtues that they actually lack. Because Ivan Redondo, that kind of Cardinal Richelieu sanchismo that concentrated more power than anyone in Moncloa, should have known that a spin doctor He must never come out of the shadows, because under the light of the spotlights all his deceptions come to light. In the interview with Jordi Évole on The friday, Redondo’s lies were exposed as when he lavished praise for his arch nemesis Carmen Calvo or when he affirmed that he left the Government because “he needed to empty himself”, a message that, as one collaborator of Évole correctly put it, “he repeated like a jingle.”

When he is on the ropes and there is no escape, Redondo does not hesitate to lie with amazing naturalness like his former boss Pedro Sanchez. For example, when Évole showed him the images of Sánchez stating that “he would not sleep peacefully with Podemos in Moncloa,” Redondo said that the president had not lied but was referring to a moment of the negotiation, something that is not true because it happened At the end of the electoral campaign of 10-N of 2019 and at that time, relations with Pablo Iglesias were broken.

He also lied when he said that Sánchez did not use the strategy of fear with Vox when the truth is that the then socialist candidate wanted a debate with Vox in Atresmedia and not one to four in TVE as it finally happened. It is only necessary to remember how they used the photo of ‘the rights’ in Colón so that Redondo’s lie is exposed.

But his biggest lie was when he told how they tried to convince him to stay. “They offered me a ministry. I remember it because it was May 21 when my dog ​​died Currillo». It was at a tense dinner with two emissaries from Sánchez who asked him to reconsider his position in the face of the impending remodeling of the Government. Redondo avoided telling that Sánchez sought a counterweight within the Council of Ministers and diminish power in favor of Felix Bolaños, and the former chief of staff was not for the job.


Like the squid, the Redondo escapist uses his verbal ink to distract his prey. “I’m going to tell you something …”, he said in several passages of the interview with Évole and then said nothing, exasperating the interviewer. “I’m going to tell you an anecdote …”, he affirmed, capturing the interviewer’s attention and then sneaking in his message without coming to mind as he did when he praised Carmen Calvo, from which he has “learned a lot.” Some little credible cuddles, as the information from OKDIARIO on Redondo’s maneuvers to remove Calvo from the government proved in its day.

What Redondo cannot escape from is himself. Its main function was not to work for the welfare of the citizens but to distract them with games of artifice while the country went down the drain. And that is what could be seen in the interview with Évole. Once the phrase is launched, the rest is papier-mâché, decorated or if they want it performance, like the false happy villages that Potemkin He had the painting painted to impress Empress Catherine II during her trip to the Crimea in 1787.

At one point he pulled a queen and a pawn out of his jacket pocket as if to do a magic trick: “I’m just a pawn.” Redondo fakes everything, even modesty. “We advisers are not so important,” he says dismissing importance, forgetting that in January 2020 he concentrated within his Cabinet all the departments of assistance to the president such as national and international affairs, communication with citizens, the general secretariat of the presidency, the Office Economics of the President and the Department of Homeland Security. To which should be added the National Office for Prospective and Long-Term Country Strategy where that sinister dystopia known as Plan 2050 was born.

«I will tell you something, something that I have never told: we are true friends with Sánchez and we have a sacred relationship…». But he is unable to answer a question as simple as if he talks to his former boss on a daily basis. “We are in contact,” he said up to four times. When it came to telling why Sánchez did not count on him in the remodeling of the Government, he slipped away again. «It has to do with emptying yourself and with the different moments. It is not new. There were three moments in which I was planning my exit », and when it seems that he is going to tell something with substance, he escapes again, this time with the help of the clumsy interviewer.

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