After a seventh edition purely online due to the pandemic, the Platinum Ibero-American Film Awards They return to the face-to-face field. An 8th edition more than special, since the ceremony that was marked by the emotion of the reunion, as well as by the frank sense of union and camaraderie of the block. Something that could be felt in the statements of those present during their passage through the red carpet, as well as in their different speeches of thanks.

The big winners of the night were the Colombian film The oblivion that we will be and the Spanish miniseries Homeland. The first with five statuettes and the second with four. For its part, the victory in technical categories went to La llorona with three.

No less important was the recognition of Diego Luna with the Platinum of Honor, which integrates him to a very select list of winners made up of Sonia Braga (2014), Antonio Banderas (2015), Ricardo Darín (2016), Edward James Olmos (2017), Adriana Barraza (2018) and Raphael (2019).

Below is the complete list of winners of the Platino Awards 2021.

Best Ibero-American Fiction Film

  • The oblivion that we will be (Colombia)
  • La Llorona (Guatemala)
  • Girls (Spain)
  • New order (Mexico)

Best direction

  • Fernando Trueba – The oblivion that we will be
  • Icíar Bollaín – Rose wedding
  • Jayro Bustamante – La Llorona
  • Michel Franco – New order

Best screenplay

  • David Trueba – The oblivion that we will be
  • Jayro Bustamante and Lisandro Sánchez – La Llorona
  • Pilar Palomero – Girls
  • Sebastián Schindel and Pablo del Teso – Family crimes

Best Original Music

  • Aránzazu Calleja and Maite Arrotajauregi – Akelarre
  • Pascual Reyes – La Llorona
  • Pauchi Sasaki – Song with no name
  • Zbigniew Preisner – The oblivion that we will be

Best Male Performance

  • Alejandro Castro – I’m scared bullfighter
  • Diego Peretti – The theft of the century
  • Javier Cámara – The oblivion that we will be
  • Miguel Angel Sóla – Family crimes

Best Female Performance

  • Candela Peña – Rose wedding
  • Maria Mercedes Coroy – La Llorona
  • Regina Case – Three summers
  • Valeria Lois – Siamese

Best Supporting Male Performance

  • Alfredo Castro – Prince
  • Diego Boneta – New order
  • Jorge Roman – Kill a dead man
  • Julio Diaz – La Llorona

Best Supporting Actress

  • We Zea – The oblivion that we will be
  • Nathalie Pose – Rose wedding
  • Sabrina de la Hoz – La Llorona
  • Yanina Avila – Family crimes

Best animated film

  • The way of Xico (Mexico)
  • La gallina market (Spain; Argentina)
  • The red parchment (Brazil)
  • A costume for Nicolas (Mexico)

Best Documentary Film

  • Babenco: Tell Me When I Die (Brazil)
  • Wet cards (Spain)
  • Agent Topo (Chile; Spain)
  • The year of discovery (Spain)

PLATINUM Award for Best Ibero-American Fiction First Feature

  • Song with no name
  • Girls
  • Kill Pinochet
  • Kill a dead man

Best Editing Direction

  • Gustavo Matheu and Jayro Bustamante – La Llorona
  • Marta Velasco – The oblivion that we will be
  • Sofi Escudé – Girls
  • Yibrán Asuad and Fernando Frías de la Parra – I’m not here anymore

Best Art Direction

  • Diego Lopez – The oblivion that we will be
  • Mikel Serrano – Akelarre
  • Monica Bernuy – Girls
  • Sebastian Muñoz – La Llorona

Best Direction of Photography

  • Daniela Cajías – Girls
  • Javier Agirre Erauso – Akelarre
  • Nicolas Wong – La Llorona
  • Sergio Ivan Castaño – The oblivion that we will be

Best sound direction

  • Eduardo Cáceres – La Llorona
  • Eduardo Castro, Octavio Rojas and Alberto Ovejero – The oblivion that we will be
  • Javier Umpierrez, Yuri Laguna, Olaitan Agueh, Michelle Couttolenc and Jaime Baksht – I’m not here anymore
  • Urko Garai, Josefina Rodríguez, Frédéric Hamelin and Leandro de Loredo – Akelarre

PLATINUM Award for Cinema and education in values

  • Adú
  • Agent Topo
  • The oblivion that we will be
  • Our mothers

Best Ibero-American Cinematographic Miniseries or Teleseries

  • Someone has to die (Mexico)
  • Riot gear (Spain)
  • The theft of the century (Colombia)
  • Homeland (Spain)

Best Performance by a Male in a Miniseries or Teleseries

  • Alexander Speitzer – Someone has to die
  • Alvaro Death – The Money Heist
  • Andres Parra – The theft of the century
  • Eduard Fernández – 30 coins

Best Performance by an Actor in a Miniseries or Teleseries

  • Cecilia Suarez – The house of flowers
  • Elena Irureta – Homeland
  • Inma Cuesta – The mess you leave
  • Marcela Benjumea – The theft of the century

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Miniseries or Teleseries

  • Christian Tappan – The theft of the century
  • Ernesto Alterio – Someone has to die
  • Patrick Created – Riot gear
  • Rodrigo de la Serna – The Money Heist

Best Supporting Actress in a Supporting Role in a Miniseries or Teleseries

  • Ester Exposito – Someone has to die
  • Loreto Mauleón – Homeland
  • Najwa Nimri – The Money Heist
  • Susana Abaitua – Homeland

Best Creator of a Motion Picture Miniseries or Teleseries

  • Aitor Gabilondo – Homeland
  • Alex de la Iglesia – 30 coins
  • Alex Pina – The Money Heist
  • Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña – Riot gear
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