After a launch marked by the controversy over dismissal of one of its leading actresses due to her pregnancy, ‘Perfect Life’ shook off controversy with excellent first season in which Leticia dolera placeholder image (together with Manuel Burque) demonstrated her skills to portray the existential crisis of a generation, her own, at the hands of three friends in very different vital points: María, abandoned by her partner and pregnant by accident; Cristina, in a marriage that is going through its worst moment; and Esther, shipwrecked in the professional and sentimental field.

Exploring that imperfection in their lives, and how together they tried to weather the chaos in which they found themselves involved, made ‘Perfect Life’ one of the best series of 2019 thanks to a cast of actors that gave off chemistry and naturalness in front of the cameras, an anchor that they have clung to again to put on their feet what will be the second and last season of fiction, as confirmed Movistar +`in the framework of the Iberseries Platino Industria, where the first chapter of this (undesired) outcome has already been enjoyed.

Leticia Dolera, in ‘Perfect Life’. (Movistar)

When the chain offered Dolera the possibility of renewing for a second season, the creator and actress did not have all of them with her, but she finally saw in her character’s motherhood an interesting starting point from which to explore new territories. And so, as if the first seasons of Berto Romero’s magnificent ‘Look what you’ve done’ were, Leticia will address the less beautiful side of motherhood, the one that is rarely shown to the public: postpartum depression, lack of sleep, irascibility, loss of self-esteem or the world of dating When you are an overwhelmed single mother, they will be just some of the issues that you address at the hand of your Mary, keeping the daily life of your situations as a fundamental aspect of a story that only then manages to breathe truth.

But María will not be alone in this disconcerting new chapter of her life, since both her sister and her best friend will continue to be very present in her day-by-day, although each one is concerned about also carrying out her not calm life projects: while Cristina explores the universe of liberal couples to finish getting to know each other, both her partner and her marriage and herself; Esther will embark on a relationship, a priori desperate, which will turn her life 180 degrees, leaving behind the university spirit in which she was anchored to embark on her path to maturity, even if her dreams and desires remain along the way.

Celia Freijeiro and Font García, in ‘Perfect Life’. (Movistar)

At the opposite pole, viewers will find Gari, that willful young man whose intellectual disability does not define him, who conquered so much audiences and critics in the first season (Ondas Award and Feroz Award for Best Supporting Actor). Enric Auquer for sure He will once again steal every scene with his devoted father, capable of sacrificing whatever it takes to rise to the occasion, now that his son’s mother needs him the most.. His are, again, the most tender scenes of this first chapter, revalidating his position of heart and moral compass of this story.

Enric Auquer, in ‘Perfect Life’. (Movistar)

Carmen Machi and Fernando Colomo will be present again this season also like the parents of the Aguado sisters, thus endorsing the commitment to a cast of actors who wasted chemistry (and tenderness) in the best episode of last year, where all the plots exploded in a family reunion to remember. As the family always brings out the best and the worst in oneself, putting them together again ensures another whirlwind of emotions for this second season.

‘Perfect life’ (Movistar +): a series as brilliant and as everyday as life itself

Nacho Lorente

With these ingredients on the table, Leticia Dolera, Manuel Burque and their team maintain the essence that elevated the series in its first season, but they return with renewed energy to try to say goodbye in style: interesting starting points, promising inner conflicts to explore and, above all, naturalism by flag to keep ‘Perfect Life’ anchored in reality, the one that with so many edges portrays through its increasingly rich characters.

As in the wonderful sequence with which the first episode of this second season closes, Let’s raise our glasses to toast what’s to come … even though it may all fall apart in a matter of seconds. Like life itself.

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