"I don't know what world they live in": Bob Pop charges millionaires with hidden fortunes and their opaque lists

“Today I come to throw stones at my own roof.” Bob Pop has come this Monday to the Day by day by Àngels Barceló charging against the lists. Specifically against rankings more obnoxious like those related to the best and worst dressed on the red carpets or those that have to do with the lists of public health. And, since it was current, he has also taken the opportunity to comment on the Pandora papers and the great fortunes that appeared after them.

After Àngels Barceló asked him about the lists of millionaires with hidden fortunes in tax havens, the writer acknowledged that they seem shocking for the simple fact that they make him think that there really is an alternative reality: “There is a point in the that you are so rich that you decide to get out of everyone’s reality, stop contributing to the world as we know it and create a privatized world for yourself “.

“I think it is more interesting how much money has not been raised by these movements”

Bob Pop recognizes that it is terrifying that there is a parallel reality behind him. But beyond knowing the people who represent this reality, the writer prefers to know the figures they handle: “I am a bit the same names. It is good for public pillory, because of the scorn and hatred of the rich, who always it’s fine. But I think it’s more interesting how much money has been left to collect from these movements. “

From his point of view, the fact that the great world fortunes have hidden fortunes in tax havens is a human disaster: “In the same way that we speak of the La Palma volcano as a natural disaster, to me these brutal frauds and these whitewashing of capital and fiscal opacity seem to me an artificial and consensual human disaster and that, furthermore, is closely related to what we need to face the natural disasters that are coming our way. “

Bob Pop charges against the millionaire lists

On the other hand, the writer has also wanted to pronounce on the lists of millionaires such as Forbes. After ensuring that he does not know in which world those people who decide to leave humanity live to create a parallel in which they do not surrender to any country, the writer has harshly criticized the opaque millionaire lists: “I hate them for many reasons.” Mainly because the people who compose them make them angry, because these lists are opaque and because they lack information.

According to Bob Pop, these lists should reflect how many people each of the people in the ranking has exploited. Also in how many places with a fairly slave labor regime do they work and how much money do they defraud the treasury. However, these lists barely include the total amount, which deeply bothers the writer: “I want to know how they have come to this, how much they pay and how much they collaborate for the good of humanity.”

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