On October 4, hundreds of millions of users saw that they could not do certain things with their cell phone. Send and receive messages by WhatsApp, post a photo on Instagram or get the latest news by Facebook, are some of the things that, from noon, it is impossible to do. It is not yet known what the failure was or when it will return, but it is one of the most extensive crashes that servers have had.

Instantly, all the discharge for the null operation of these networks was directed to the surviving application: Twitter. Some users were quick to ask if one or the other service did not work for someone, while others simply announced the fall. Kevsho, a youtuber with almost 5 million followers, complained about that: “Well we already understood that instagram and whatsapp fell, now you can stop tweeting thanks”.

However, the vast majority of tweeters took the situation with humor. Amid plenty of graphic and written humor, Twitter users once again demonstrated their ability to create ironic jokes and comments. “The Zuckerberg rigs fell again. Instagram Player – Removed. Facebook Player – Eliminated. WhatsApp Player – Removed. Remaining players: Twitter, Telegram and Grindr ”, posted @MemesMexico, an account with 146 thousand followers.

Other users believed that their own internet was to blame. Posts like “how did facebook, instagram and whatsapp fell ??? I eat messages restarting my cell phone ”were some of the most read. On the other hand, many more entered Twitter to laugh at the memes: “I only came to Twitter because of the memes and because I like to see the world burn (and because I can’t use WhatsApp),” said one user.

Meanwhile, several took advantage of the fall of WhatsApp to show their support for Telegram. Sports journalist Martin Liberman he was one of the strongest defenders. “You really don’t use Telegram? It is 10 times better than WA… Take advantage and discover it ”, he published. However, before the response of an Internet user who told him “Telegram uses the phalloperos and the traces”, Liberman came out to the crossing: “You can no longer be an idiot! In telegram there are series, documentaries It is much more than messengers! There are channels… You are ignorant! ”.

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