Founder Show: The Lion’s Den: A founder already has a company – in North Korea

VOX lets the lions out again. After two guest lions recently caused a stir, this week the well-known investors will be talking about sustainability. The aim is to save water and avoid paper and plastic. A founding team in particular is something special.

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Sustainability is always an issue in the start-up show “Die Höhle der Löwen”. In the big topic week at VOX, however, every product presented revolves around this in the broadest sense. Is that why a lot of lions bite? These are the startups.

Bluegreen: save money with water consumption

Karsten Gaedke and Alexander Schulze founded “Bluegreen”. The attachment for the shower is supposed to save water, but according to her, it has a decisive advantage over similar products. The attachment is attached between the fitting and the hose and thus maintains the water pressure. This is probably different with the other products, as Gaedke explains, who worked in the plumbing trade for years. This saves a lot of water and of course money. A family around 250 euros a year, a hotel up to 9,000 euros. Is the Money Worth Investing? It should be 100,000 euros for 20 percent of the company.

Lion child: herbal healing for babies

Simone Hilble has an affinity for natural healing methods. Since these are particularly gentle, the young woman and her company “Löwenkind” now want to help children and babies with herbs. She has already had experiences with it and has cured her own child from a cold with lavender. But because it moved so much during sleep, she had an idea: a body with integrated herbal pads that can develop their effects on the body without the parents having to constantly readjust. It should be 130,000 euros for 20 percent of the company.

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Markos Kern and Ben Piltz are the founders of “” and want to transform every living room into a small playing field with their idea. You have developed a ball and a buildable wall with a touchscreen. That is “”, which is supposed to transform every suitable room into an interactive sports room. Kern is no stranger to this. He worked as a video artist and opened a surf school in 2016 – during the dictatorship of North Korea and sold travel packages there, as well as other projects. It should be a sporty 1.6 million euros for ten percent of the company.

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Shavent: razor blades with less waste

Wet razors are the big topic of Armin Lutz Seidel and Romy Lindenberg. Father and daughter founded the Shavent company together. Most wet razors have a replaceable set of blades made of plastic, rubber and metal. However, since these often simply end up in the trash when they are used up, the product itself is not particularly sustainable. With “Shavent” the razor is completely made of metal and the blades should be easy to replace. Does the father-daughter team get the 220,000 euros for eight percent of the company?

MyTaag: the digital business card

It is not every day that founders in the “den of the lions” are so young. Davis Zöllner and Berkay Cankiran are 17 and 18 years old and have already founded “MyTaag”. In order to save paper, the two simply thought that a digital version of the popular business card would be needed. “MyTaag” should be able to do just that. You can not only store your name, telephone number and address there, but also social media profiles, for example. The data is transferred quickly and without contact. It should be 50,000 euros for 30 percent of the company.

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