Sidelined after having been stripped of the reins of political power, the former presidential majority is struggling to stick its head in the water, despite many attempts to recover since the start of the transition. And despite an apparently sealed fate with the accession of Choguel to the Prime Minister’s office to redress the transition, the Framework for the exchange of parties and groupings of political parties for a successful transition lacks political courage and lacks the courage to carry its ambitions. This is what suggests, in any case, the interminable press conferences sanctioned by statements whose content is out of step with the realities of the moment. The most recent dates back to September 29, 2021. While they were expected to announce a protest march against the extension of the transition, they were content with a simple rejection of the organization of the “Assises Nationales de la Refondation” of the State which they consider costly and as inopportune as the type of Single Election Management Body envisaged by the Prime Minister.

Another paradox, which calls into question the determination of the Trading Framework, is its support for the fight against impunity and corruption, although qualified by its demands for a more impartial justice that respects the rights of all parties. . However, at the same time, influential personalities with whom they started the fight are imprisoned and their original formations as well as their lawyers cry out for manipulation. This is the case of the former Pm Soumeylou B Maiga, in detention at the MCA in a cell, it is said, with several dozen common law detainees. And to think that the declaration read by Tréta is also signed by his party, the Asma CFP.

Be that as it may, this posture of the former majority is all the less surprising since it is for lack of interpersonal skills that it had never been able to respond to the M5-RFP by demonstrations of force comparable to those from the Independence Square. Consequence: the President she had brought to the supreme office in 2018 was driven from power at the same time as her feverish supporters.

Today, while their political survival has never been so threatened, the former dignitaries are reduced to caressing in the direction of the hair their lovers, who moreover do not attach any importance to their declaration. PM Choguel has also suggested to the international community that they are insignificant, even if for Tréta little to boast of a grouping of 70 political parties including those of “Together For Mali”, “Hope Djiguiya Koura “And” Republican Action for Progress as well as training such as Adema, Asma, UM-RDA and Yelema. Which constitute, in his eyes, the cream of the Malian political scene. Beyond words, Tréta and companions must prove that the majority of Malians share their ideals and this necessarily requires a demonstration of their capacity for mobilization.

Amidou Keita

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