Educational institutions are the target of cyber attacks!  Warning from expert

Emphasizing that the education system was the target of cyber attacks during the pandemic period, Osman Demircan said, “The fact that the education system is online has whetted the appetite of hackers. Many schools keep private data on their own servers. The information of the child, contact information of the families, private data, service information and many other information are kept in special files. Personal data of parents and students can be accessed through these systems.


Explaining that children whose information is stolen can be used by fraudsters when they reach the age of 18, Demircan continued as follows:

“With the stolen information, many fraudulent transactions such as issuing credit cards and opening a company can be made in the future. Malicious people do not always work instantaneously. This kind of big data is very valuable. When the identity data of a 16-year-old is stolen, they are stealing a child’s freedom. The stolen information can be used for many operations. At the moment, there is no big data on children. When children whose information has been stolen turn 18, their data will be invaluable on the deep internet and on different platforms.”

Stating that the privacy of children should always be protected, Cyber ​​Security Specialist Demircan said, “We must protect this data before time passes. There is not much that parents can do about them. The most important thing for schools to do is to protect where data is entered. Private schools must be supervised by the state. When you are hacked, your information may not be used immediately.”


Stating that there will always be security vulnerabilities in the face of developing technology, Demircan concluded his words as follows:

“We have to take every precaution we can. There will definitely be hackers trying to steal our data using the security vulnerabilities we come across. The weakest link in the theft of personal data is people. Many measures can be taken technologically, but there may be many problems caused by human weakness. Someone needs to raise children’s awareness as well. Cybersecurity awareness needs to be increased at the school level. It is necessary for people who have mastered this business to visit schools to raise the awareness of children and teachers. In this way, we minimize human vulnerability.”


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