Borowkis and the good person: “The German Joker”: “Tatort” fans bow to Lars Eidinger

For the third time, Lars Eidinger played the murderer Kai Korthals in Kiel’s “Tatort” on Sunday. Since then, many voices full of praise have been gathered on Twitter and Facebook.

Last Sunday, “Tatort: ​​Borowski and the Good Man” brought the story of Korthals to a bloody end. Just one bizarre scene among many: the killer Korthals disguises himself in the summer dress and scalp of a murder victim in order to get through a police check unrecognized. How much impression this appearance left can be read on social media. There a large number of users bow to the diabolical acting talent of Lars Eidinger.

“Lars could still play hell on the wall”, comments a user on the official Facebook page of the “Tatort”: “He’s incredibly good! Pure goose bumps! More of it …” Another user writes: “Very good, Grade 1. Exciting, sometimes disturbing, but also very emotional at the same time. Lars Eidinger can easily do such roles! ” A third user even demands: “1+! Lars Eidinger for actor president !!!!”

“Lars Eidinger is not in Germany at the moment”

The majority of the reactions on Twitter are no less euphoric: “I would like to write to Lars Eidinger that his portrayal of Kai Korthal in the #Tatort was terrific as always, but I’m a little worried that he will come by,” jokes one person . Another writes with a wink: “Lars Eidinger is not in Germany at the moment. You can all come home today without checking your apartment.” An allusion to the fact that the psycho killer Korthals invades other people’s apartments in the “crime scene” and licks the toothbrushes of the respective residents.

Even the SPD member of the Bundestag, Dorothee Martin, came out as a real crime fanatic: “First saw the new James #Bond and then #Tatort with Lars Eidinger. What should come next …?”, The 43-year-old tweeted.

“Do you remember James Bond and M?”

Another user drew the comparison to Her Majesty’s agent: “Do you remember James Bond and M?” He asked. “This is what they look like today.” For this purpose he provided a picture of the current “Bond” actor Daniel Craig and the character M (played by Judi Dench “as well as a picture from the current” Tatort “with Commissioner Borowski (Axel Milberg) and Lars Eidinger as Kai Korthals) and asked:” Do you feel old now? “

In addition, the Korthals character is often compared to the “Joker” from the “Batman” spin-off film of the same name – Joaquin Phoenix played the psychopath here. This user thinks of a German movie legend as a reference: “Lars Eidinger is the Klaus Kinski of the 21st century.”

A few negative voices

But, as always, there are also some negative comments: “Part 1 & 2 were great, but the end didn’t come with it,” commented a user on Facebook: “The script was a disaster. Some stupid scenes. It was awesome End … laughable how Eidinger walked into the police building. Even the father with the shotgun already in the building. The police won’t like that at all. Part 1 gets a 1. Part 2 was close, but part 3 is there a 5 “. Other isolated voices also criticized Sascha Arango’s script and the scene in which Eidinger drives past the police in women’s clothes.

Will Kai Korthals come back again?

At the end of the “Tatort” episode “Borowski and the Good Man”, Kai Korthals judges himself. “It’s a shame that Lars Eidinger is now ‘gone’ for good,” comments a Twitter user. But there might still be a back door. As “Bild” found out, there are simulation games at the NDR about another Korthals “crime scene” that tells its history.

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