Absurd asking price: Horst Lichter irritated: Salespeople are asking for “Bares für Rares” 300 euros for a picture book

The pair of sellers of a children’s book came to the ZDF junk show “Bares for Rares” with high expectations. They wanted a mere 300 euros for the illustrated children’s book. Sven Deutschmanek’s expertise was all the more sobering for her.

There was a famous author behind the old children’s book – but would the name alone be enough to fetch a high price for “Bares for Rares”?

Indeed, the condition was expected from a used children’s book. “It must be old,” assumed Lichter. At least he recognized the rarity: “This is the first picture children’s book that we have here.”

Elisabeth Hirsch and her brother Kilian Hann had brought the book with them from Munich: “We grew up in Venezuela, and that was the first thing we got over so that we could get a little closer to Bavaria.”

“Maybe it’s a famous artist, maybe it was a small edition, maybe it was very old?” The moderator hoped for the expertise of Sven Deutschmanek (left).

The expert confirmed: “It is also very old. The first edition was from 1968.” The present copy, however, came from the 3rd edition from 1972.

Deutschmanek: “But there is a very well-known gentleman behind it”

“But there is a very well-known man behind it,” said Deutschmanek, referring to the author Ali Mitgutsch, the inventor of the popular hidden object books.

On one side there were scenes from the Oktoberfest, on the other side a farm with a cattle drive. But with increasing expertise, Horst Lichter’s price expectation fell. Printed, made in large numbers, in fair condition – didn’t look like a sensation.

The siblings were not deterred by this: “Maybe 200 euros, 300 euros?” At the desired price, Lichter fell’s jaw: “Please ?!”

“If it were in perfect condition, I would go up to 80 euros, but in this condition we are between 20 and 40 euros”, Sven Deutschmanek (left) destroyed the dream of big money. The salespeople took the expertise with composure and tried their luck in the dealer room anyway.

Nobody wants to get more than 25 euros

“It looks like Ali Mitgutsch”, Lisa Nüdling looked at the pictures up close. “This is THE children’s book man”, Daniel Meyer (right) knew right away. There was interest, but was it big enough for high bids?

Nobody wanted to spend more than 25 euros – too little for the siblings. Daniel Meyer (fifth from left) fully understood this: “Childhood memories are so precious that you can’t sell them.”

The other salespeople who were guests in “Bares für Rares” on Monday were more successful: the expert valued the gold ring with amethyst from the 1970s at 500 to 600 euros.

Lisa Nüdling liked the piece of jewelery straight away, which is why she spent 550 euros.

Paintings change hands for 1000 euros

Colmar Schulte-Goltz (left) estimated the two paintings by JK Rose from between 1885 and 1890 at 850 to 1100 euros.

Fabian Kahl (right) offered 500 euros per picture, which meant that the pain threshold of 1,000 euros was reached.

The Omega “Seamaster” wristwatch from the 1950s or 1960s had an estimated value of 500 to 700 euros.

The watch went to Thorsden Schlößner (third from left) for 450 euros. “The great thing is: They don’t break. And if they break, they can be repaired very cheaply,” congratulated Daniel Meyer (fifth from the left) on the purchase.

The jewelry expert saw a value of 550 to 600 euros in this gold brooch from the 1970s with a set ducat from 1915.

Fabian Kahl (third from left) happily spent 600 euros on the unusual design.

The bronze figure of a naked lady by Wilhelm Martini from the 1920s or 30s was valued at 2,500 to 3,000 euros.

Daniel Meyer (right) won the bidding duel against Fabian Kahl and got the figure for 2,500 euros.

This article was written by Bettina Friemel

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