A mother of Jete (Granada) has been arrested as the alleged author of a crime of child abduction after allegedly taking advantage of his is ten-year-old enjoyed a exit permit of the child protection center in which she was intern to stay.

In addition, and as reported by the Board in a note after the operation of the Granada Provincial Headquarters of the Police Unit Attached to the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, the woman would have repeatedly refused to reintegrate his daughter in the aforementioned center for minors.

The operation was activated when the center filed a complaint, which led to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office of the Provincial Court of Granada will order the Minor Protection Area of ​​the Attached Police Unit to locate and return the minor to the center “with the utmost urgency.”

Consequently, a police search device In the town of be, where the mother’s last address was known, who apparently moved from one place to another in a caravan. After several hours of searching, they were finally found and the woman was arrested and the minor returned to the protection center from which she had been abducted.

The Supreme Court debates on the pardon of Juana Rivas

In another vein, the magistrates of the Supreme Court will debate this Tuesday, October 5, their report prepared after receiving the file from the Ministry of Justice on the request for pardon made by Juana Rivas, the mother of Maracena (Granada) sentenced to two years and six months in prison for a crime of child abduction.

The debate comes a few days after it emerged that the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office had concluded its own report, in which it is in favor of granting the Rivas partial pardon, so that a six-month reduction of the sentence is given imprisonment, which he suggests leaving in two years. Sources from the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to Europa Press that they have also estimated to reduce the penalty of special disqualification to exercise parental authority from six years to four.

It was at the end of last April when the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court partially upheld the appeal filed by Rivas against the sentence to five years in prison imposed by the Criminal Court 1 of Granada and reduced it to two years and six. months in jail when considering that, although there were two minors abducted – his two children – he committed a single crime and not two.

For this reason, the sentencing court in charge of issuing the report on the pardon requested by Juana Rivas will be the Supreme Court. Once you have the text, you will add it to the Prosecutor’s Office and send everything to the Ministry.

Juana Rivas, who voluntarily entered the CIS ‘Matilde Cantos’ in Granada on June 11 to comply with the prison order, left the center a few days later, while the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions has classified the inmate in the third degree, applying article 86.4 of the Penitentiary Regulations, which means serving the sentence at home with a telematic bracelet.

Rivas, who was also sentenced to special disqualification from exercising parental authority over her children for six years, requested a total pardon from the Government, alleging that she committed an offense for a motive “understandable from the human point of view” such as “protecting her children “And emphasizes that” as a victim of gender violence, he receives adequate attention from the municipal services of Maracena “, while in Italy” the complaints filed for family violence continue to be investigated. “

The Supreme Court sentenced her to two years and six months in prison for a crime of child abduction, after she left Italy with her children in 2016 with the pretense of not returning despite not having parental consent, eventually passing In the summer of 2017, a month in unknown whereabouts with the children not complying with the judicial decisions that forced him to hand them over to the father.

She has defended during this time that she left with her two children in Italy – where they had fixed their habitual residence – to flee from alleged mistreatment of which she accuses her ex-partner and father of the minors.

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