URD: Salikou Sanogo out of phase with the sections

URD vice-president Professor Salikou Sanogo, who has been acting since the death of the founding father of the Union for Republic and Democracy (URD) ​​party, seems to have failed to bring the activists together. For the cause, he was disowned by the various sections which largely approved the candidacy of Dr Boubou Cissé in the primaries which will be organized within the party to appoint the standard-bearer of the political formation of the late Soumaila Cissé in the next elections. presidential

Proponents of IBK’s latest prime minister, Dr Boubou Cissé, say he is the current president of the URD.

Nothing is going any more within the URD where there is a strong tension orchestrated by the various clans. This disorder within the party of the handshake is in the headlines in the various places of discussion and does not escape the analysis of informed observers of the Malian political scene. This situation often worries some undecided activists because of clashes between potential candidates for the party’s candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections.

The various presidents of the regional federations of the party have sounded the alarm for the wise men of the party, in order to avoid this situation which does not honor the URD. Their approach was not understood by the interim president, Professor Salikou Sanogo.

Despite the intimidation of Prof. Salikou Sanogo, the base, through the sections, freely made their choice. Following which Boubou Cissé comes largely in the lead with 42 sections, followed by Mamadou Igor Diarra 12 sections; Madou Diallo 02 sections and the master Demba Traoré 02 sections. This state of affairs constitutes a real disavowal for Prof. Salikou Sanogo who had sent a letter, on August 17, to URD activists, inviting them to comply with the party’s regulatory texts.

Some party officials have taken steps, through a bailiff for the signing of a petition, in order to convince Prof. Salifou Sanogo to attend the National Conference. “I would like to draw everyone’s attention to the dangers that such a unilateral step involves for our party,” said a URD executive, close to Dr Boubou Cissé.

On the occasion of the holding of meetings for the renewal of the party’s instances, appropriate decisions have always been taken with full responsibility by the BEN, according to the realities of the moment. For the general interest and the happiness of the party, the president should think about the cohesion and unity of our party. “I urge the initiators of this action to put an end to it immediately”. It is in these terms that the 1st vice-president of the URD, Pr. Salikou Sanogo, addressed the members of the Bureau national executive (BEN) and the general secretaries of the URD sections.

The results of the sections clearly justify that the letter had no effect within the handshake party, Prof. Salikou is therefore faced with a fait accompli.

It should also be remembered that it was the sections that made the choice of their candidate during the 2012 and 2018 elections under the presidencies of Younoussi Touré and Soumaïla Cissé.

The holding of the primaries within the URD, despite the refusal of Professor Salifou is a regulatory fact and sufficiently proves the failure of Salikou to be able to reunite the heirs of the late Soumaila Cissé.

This is a real disavowal for its base represented by the sections of the party. Prof. Salikou Sanogo is out of step with the sections including that of Sikasso, of which he is the general secretary.

Seydou Diamoutene

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