The Economist Martin Tetaz and the National Deputy, Gabriela Cerruti they starred in an eternal crossing through social networks where they dedicated themselves, above all things, to chicanery. All the commotion had its denouement after Tetaz began a debate on the Front Labeling Law. Therefore, Cerruti, in short, told him: “You are going to stop being a tweeter to be a deputy, learn to be useful in the Chamber.”

From Twitter, the social network in which the most confrontations take place, the economist Martín Tetaz and the National Deputy, Gabriela Cerruti starred in a crossover that began after the researcher published on “3 questions about the Front Labeling Law”, and began saying: “1) Is it based on some behavioral study or only on the presumption of rational homo economicus? 2) What does the evidence say about the impact in other countries (eg Mexico)? 3) Does it fit in foods without added as juices or butter? “

For this reason, Gabriella Cerruti chose to quote her Tweet under the answer: “If you want to be a deputy, it would be good for you to investigate and get informed instead of asking on Twitter.” And he continued with the Chicana: “Perhaps the radicals who have already voted in the Senate and accompanied the opinion in Deputies can help you. It is more: they wanted to vote it one day on tables, without discussion ”.

Upon receiving this crossing, Tetáz did not want to stay in the mold and said: “With all due respect, if you are not going to contribute knowledge to the debate, we thank you for your time and your beautiful example of dipusplaining”, and later said: “Twitter is an excellent means to receive recommendations on scientific literature and documentation, if you know how to ask the right people ”.

“In your case,” Cerrut said, “the right people would be your fellow blocs and political space who have already voted for the law. And they have already signed the opinion ”. Then he listed as he did: “I’ll help you. 1) Read the Constitution, and the regulations of the Legislative Chamber so you find out how is the procedure of sanction of a law. 2) You can also read the stenographies of the sessions and the informative and Commission meetings where the issue was debated ”.

So Tetaz chose to share a Twitter thread with “scientific evidence” and stating that Twitter serves to get information, disseminate it and extend the debate to the whole of society. Even so, Cerruti continued with the Chicana: “It’s good that they synthesized it for you that it seems that it is difficult for you to read scientific information in more than 140 characters. Now to vote the law on Tuesday ”. For this reason, the economist replied that “it does not contribute anything to the debate and only attacks.”

Regarding this, the Deputy said: “For years we have been contributing to the debate on the Labeling Law. Hopefully Tuesday is Law. Let’s hope it doesn’t make it fall Together for Change ”. Therefore, within this eternal confrontation where they did not stop responding, Tetaz added: “Surely in the camera you are a luminary.” And not to leave him with the last word, Gabriela replied: “You are going to stop being a tweeter to be a deputy, learn to be useful in the Chamber.”

So she concluded: “The second on María Eugenia Vidal’s list is a tweeter who asks for scientific information on Twitter and does not know what his block voted for. But the fourth is Fernando Iglesias so it can always be worse ”.

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