The president of the Italian Court that will decide on Puigdemont supports the «Països Catalans»

Salvatore Marinaro, president and highest authority of the Court of Appeal of Sassari (Italy) where the judge Plinia Clara Azzena allowed the fugitive Carles Puigdemont leave Sardinia until October 4, the date of the next court hearing, is a firm defender of the “Catalan countries” (Catalan countries), entelechy of the independence movement promoted by the former president of the Generalitat.

While Azzena is in charge of the Criminal section and signed the order that freed Puigdemont, for his part Salvatore Marinaro comes presiding institutionally said Italian Court since last year. A judicial official of the penal area at the service of Azzena confirmed to OKDIARIO that Marinaro is currently the president of this institution, known in the organization chart of the Italian Ministry of Justice as the Independent Section of Sassari-Court of Appeal of Cagliari.

This magistrate -also specialized in Criminal Law- is a historical figure of the club Rugby amateurs Alghero. And as such he was interviewed by the digital newspaper in 2011. In that interview, the former captain and flagship of this sporting entity, showed his support for what they call «Països Catalans». He did it while promoting a rugby tournament played until 2017 by clubs belonging to this chimera.

It’s a nice event. We share a relationship of special friendship with the entire society of the ‘Catalan countries’, of Catalan society. We participate as founders in the Four Bars Rugby Tournament, the tournament of the 4 bands of the Catalan flag, which historically also accompanies us as the flag of our city ”, says ‘Tore’ Marinaro to the interviewer on the field.

«It is a point of particular pride to go out to maintain this contact with a group of Catalan boys who come to Alghero and marvel at hearing Catalan speak, at communicating with us freely and fully. This is all very nice », he maintains.

Likewise, Marinaro explains to the journalist of that he was president of the Quatre Barres Tournament Committee for two years, a Catalan society with 6,000 members and a structure in Barcelona, ​​which has also wanted to incorporate the Balearic Islands and Perpignan, thus betting on the «meeting» of all Catalans, too “Alghero Catalans and French Catalans”. With this competition, according to the judge, Catalan tourism is encouraged in Alghero, making it increasingly “more international.”

With stelae

Amatori Alghero, the rugby club in which Judge Marinaro is a true icon, is linked to the Catalan independence movement. This is stated in the newspaper library of the Sardinian lunch, which collects how managers and players of the team actively participated in the celebration of a secessionist Diada in Alghero on September 11, 2013.

Some of the members of the Amatori Alghero were photographed that day with star flags, a symbol of separatism. Judge Marinaro is not distinguished among the attendees, but he has nevertheless participated in other events in these environments.

For example, in 2012 traveled with his team to Tarragona to attend a twinning act with Catalan teams. The reason for the expedition that Marinaro and 40 other people were part of was to compete in the final of the Quatre Barres tournament. An organization that the judge presided over for two years, as recognized in the interview attached to this information.

Bouquet of flowers

However, in that displacement, there was also room for more than significant gestures: the judge himself participated in a colloquium on the future of Alguer (variant of Catalan spoken in Alghero). This enclave is the only city with this “Catalan language” in Italy.

In that “intense weekend”, as the chronicles of the moment called it, even the judge was the protagonist of a tribute to Pasqual Scanu, Sardinian writer considered the promoter of Alghero. It was Marinaro himself who placed a bouquet of flowers in front of the plaque that remembers Scanu.

Carles Puigdemont, on the run from Spanish Justice since 2017, was arrested on September 23 at Alghero airport after landing in this city of Sardinia from Belgium to participate together with local authorities in the Adifolk International Gathering, considered there the “great festival of Catalan culture.”

Llarena Office

On September 24, Puigemont appeared before the Court of Sassari and the Sardinian magistrate Plinia Azzena, president of the Criminal Section and Marinaro’s colleague, decreed his freedom without precautionary measures and summoned him for October 4 in order for the court to decide on his procedural situation, since about Carles Puigdemont -without immunity as a MEP until the General Court of the EU decides – weighs a euro arrest warrant and surrender by the Spanish Supreme Court.

The magistrate of the Supreme Pablo Llarena, which is investigating the case against the former Catalan president in Spain, sent an official letter last Thursday to the Court of Appeal of Sassari (Sardinia) to agree on his surrender to Spain since the Euroorder is still “active.” As the High Court judge stressed, the MEP no longer has immunity. In addition, Llarena corrected the State Bar, which informed the General Court of the EU that the euro order was suspended.

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