The Malian Transition put to the test: can Macron destabilize the Assimi-Choguel duo?

Visibly annoyed by the desire and the process of freeing the new Malian authorities from their neocolonialist overtones, the French leaders seem ready to incite certain political actors to rise up against the transitional power. The least that can be said is that relations between France and its former colony of Mali have become highly caustic. And in a public intervention, last Thursday, the French President, Emmanuel Macron almost subscribed to the invective. “In what I expect, it is that the electoral process is done, that those who are there by the fruit of a coup d’etat respect democratic life and stop putting political leaders in prison…”.

By these words, the tenant of the Elysée Palace, in the paternalistic and condescending logic which characterizes “our ancestors the Gauls”, demands from the Malian authorities that “the electoral process be done”. Not without expressing a clear interference in the judicial affairs of Mali.

Indeed, by what right can Emmanuel Macron demand that the leaders of the Malian state “stop putting political leaders in prison”? Which political leaders are these? Does President Macron thus echo the detention of former Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga, president of the ASMA-CFP party, placed under a committal warrant in the case of military equipment and the presidential plane? What about the sacrosanct principle of the independence of the judiciary, one of the foundations of the rule of law, of which France would be one of the models in the world?

By taking these positions, the French state makes a fool of itself and tries to sow the seeds of division among Malian socio-political actors. They should not be mistaken about the destabilizing intentions of this neo-colonizing France, determined to cling to the mineral resources of our States. Is it not involved to varying degrees in the extraction of gold, uranium, gas and hydrocarbon deposits over large areas of our territories? Aren’t the vast desert expanses of Malian territory occupied by French mining forces and experts and technicians to extract the resources to supply the industry on the banks of the Seine? Otherwise, why would Paris be so agitated in the prospect of a military partnership agreement with supposed Russian mercenaries? These agitations betray Paris, whose leitmotif remains Nicolas Sarkozy’s credo according to which “France has no friend, she only has interests”. Which interests are strongly threatened by the Malian authorities’ plan to diversify the country’s international partners in the fight against terrorism.

Moreover, how can Paris hide the political and security realities of Mali, to urge the transitional authorities, whose legitimacy it declares “null”, to go to the elections as quickly as possible? Hasn’t France recently rearranged its electoral agenda (and postponed decisive elections) due to the covid-19 health crisis?

It is urgent to ring the tocsin of the patriotic gathering of Malian socio-political actors to thwart the traps and plots that Emmanuel Macron’s France will not hesitate to set for our rulers. The sacred union must now be the watchword to consolidate the politico-institutional achievements and especially to strengthen the security and defense system of the territory to annihilate any force of nuisance against the Malian Nation.

Boubou SIDIBE/

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