In view of the next Adema-PASJ congress, a collective, called: the Collective to Support the Candidature of Comrade Yaya SANGARÉ for the Presidency of Adema-PASJ (COSCA-YAYA SANGARÉ), through a platform invites Adema-PASJ activists to choose the former Minister of Communication, Yaya Sangaré to take the reins of the hive. Read instead.

Comrades and activists of the Adema-PASJ party, dear relatives and friends,

For more than two decades our political class has hardly been renewed. For more than two decades, they have always been the same faces, the same people who know everything, who can do everything and who change positions of responsibility thus giving the impression that there are only them capable, that they are only competent and there are only patriots.

However, as we have known, for more than two decades, the expectations of our people in terms of change have remained disappointed. So it seems to us necessary to renew, as soon as possible, our political class, just like our way of thinking. This need for change and renewal does not mean that those who have animated the political scene for years are all old and out of age, but that there is a need to inject new blood into this sick body that has become the political universe of our country. This renewal will serve to enrich and relaunch the skills chain with the promotion of new faces. Constantly renewing the political class is a requirement of democracy, respecting such a principle could satisfy the requirement of alternation at the top of the State.

To change Mali, we must first change the party and its militants, and if Adéma-PASJ changes, Mali will change, because our party is a real political force recognized in the country and, that, since the first years of the democratic era. We would therefore like to be the precursors of this momentum for modernization, of this desire for change within Adéma-PASJ. This is why we ask you, militant comrades, to accept the candidacy of comrade minister, Yaya Sangaré, for the post of president of our great party. We remain convinced that, at this time when our country needs strong and ambitious political formations whose aspirations reflect the superior interests of our nation, the need to bring out a new political actor is essential in more than one way.

The Adema-PASJ party and Mali need new and committed men. Comrade Yaya Sangaré, a convinced activist of the Yanfolila section, does not lack freshness or commitment in favor of Adéma-PASJ and Mali. We are sure that he will be able to rebuild our party and orient it towards the deep aspirations of our people and of our democratic system. Comrade Yaya SANGARE has the build of a leader and the vision of a guide. He is one of those people who, in a short time, know how to imprint their mark on everything they touch. He will undoubtedly know how to respond to the party’s need for profound transformation. His presence carves out a place of choice for him in the political ghota; his determination and perspicacity are the basis of his difference from his peers, most of whom only serve to enliven galleries on the political scene. He has guts; his career as an activist is edifying and eloquent. His probity and his moral rigor protecting him from any financial scandal, his priority will be to propose another way of doing politics and to privilege, with the help of comrades members of the party leadership, the rights of activists and citizens. He has a bit of Alpha Oumar KONARÉ, a bit of Ali Nouhoum DIALLO, a bit of Dioncounda TRAORÉ… He embodies consistency, consistency and loyalty to the Party. The desire for change is strong and very widely shared in our country. We have to go and now.

What we are looking for is to entrust the party to smarter, more courageous hands, especially at this time when salient challenges are strangling our country and which are, among other things, the immediate return of security throughout the country. national territory, the establishment, through the organization of transparent and credible elections, of a legitimate, strong State endowed with fair decision-making bodies. This is the mandate entrusted to the Transitional Government by the National Charter legitimized by our people.

If he is elected President of Adema-PASJ, comrade Yaya SANGARE will ensure, with his comrades, to widen the political, electoral and social base of the party. Because, alone, our efforts risk being doomed to failure. Only large gatherings will allow the fulfillment of the destiny of our nation, Mali.

If the political class is criticized today, it is because it has displayed its inability to pull the country out of the quagmire. Our elders in the political class have, of course, done what they could, but the situation of Malians remains unchanged. Suddenly, the exasperation is there, poignant, palpable without, however, succeeding in disqualifying the hope announcing a better tomorrow.

Comrade Yaya SANGARE can respond to this by profoundly reforming this negative image of the political class.

It is up to our party to highlight the results of its dual exercise of state power from 1992-2002. He will have to resume his place in the management of public affairs. Comrade Yaya SANGARE will endeavor to regain this position as a flagship party for Adema-PASJ. He will strive to make the party the compass of our democracy. WITH YOU.

That is why, Comrades, we submit to you, in all modesty, his candidacy for the post of President of Adema-PASJ. The presidency of Yaya Sangaré will make the party more visible, more reconciled with its militants and sympathizers; it will also restore the image of politicians.

If he is elected at the head of Adema-PASJ, comrade Yaya SANGARE will take care of this image of a party penalized by the lack of an open, competent and pragmatic leader, of a party undermined by doubt and fear, weakened by prejudices or stereotypes and powerless to control his destiny. Determined, obsessed with success, our candidate will resolutely commit to pursuing the recovery or even the reconstruction of the party, confident in his activists that he will help take their destiny back in hand. He will guide the party towards the much-requested change, while preventing it from losing its soul and compromising itself.

This is why we call for the gathering and mobilization of all activists, beyond personal considerations, to help get Mali out of the jihadist occupation and to face the difficult electoral contests looming on the horizon. We appeal to the patriotism of all, we appeal to the commitment of all those who refuse to submit to the power of money.

Our political class, for several years, has caused frustration and humiliation. It is time that we take charge of ourselves by entrusting our destiny to worthy people, sensitive to our sufferings, sharing our joys and our sorrows, living with us and among us. Adéma-PASJ deserves, more than ever, an open and available president, a president who listens to activists, who is ready to hear them and consider their point of view. A president who has an electoral base, who has rubbed shoulders with the hard test of the ballot box and who arouses hope.

Invested in the confidence of the militants, comrade Yaya SANGARE will know how to privilege the sound management of the party based on moral probity, he will advocate transparency and dialogue.

Today, the State is not very present where it is most needed and invading elsewhere where it reinforces, without reason, procedures and bureaucracy. He is shy in certain places when he should play his training role there, and absent where he should be present, reactive, attentive. The current government is often wrong because it decides on its own. With comrade Yaya Sangaré as president, Adema-PASJ will be able to accompany the country’s authorities with benevolence and speak to them with firmness and responsibility. The positions of the party on the essential questions will be clearly expressed with, as a compass, the taking into account of the concerns of the people.

If he is elected president of our party, comrade Yaya SANGARE will commit to continuing the good actions initiated by his predecessors based on their positive experiences. We will create, around it, an effective and permanent consultation framework with the country’s living forces (religious, notables, young people, armed and security forces, civil society organizations, various trades, etc.) who will defend the interests of their corporation without tension or arrogance, always seeking dynamic compromises and better solutions for all Malians.

To all the militants determined to save the Adema-PASJ, we launch the present appeal, so that they accept and make accept our present offer of candidacy for the presidency of the party, for a serene and guaranteed change. We invite them to adhere to our offer, and to make their own, our ambition to renew the ruling class of Adéma-PASJ and Mali. Above all, do not listen to those who have no argument but to oppose the generations.

Our generation carries a message of daring, change, transparency and moral probity. We are bees, we are made to work as a team, our collaboration is based on organization and method. The actions that we will undertake with our comrades from within and from the diaspora will be of a quality similar to that of honey. Solidarity and a sense of sharing will be our credo.

We will work, under the chairmanship of comrade Yaya SANGARE, to improve the perception, by the people, of Adema-PASJ and of the Malian politician.

“No winner believes in chance” (Friedrich Nietzsche).

Long live the Republic ! Long live Democracy! Long live the Adema-PASJ! May God bless Mali!

Bamako, September 20, 2021

The Collective to Support the Candidature of Comrade Yaya SANGARÉ for the Presidency of Adema-PASJ (COSCA-YAYA SANGARÉ)

The Spokesperson: Seydou DOUMBIA, communication secretary of section 6 of Adema-PASJ

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