For many years there has been a bid between the show business and Mr. Maradona. A person who gave so many joys to a country and a society hit by a dictatorship and then by a war; This man made many cry in 1986 and 1990 at the cry of Argentina Champion! The genius of Roberto Fontanarrosa said: “It does not matter what you did with your life but what you did with mine.” That phrase encompasses everything that Diego Maradona was a footballer, who was the best of all time; But there was something in his life that people cannot see, which is Diego’s illness, his addiction that he could never overcome; He could never beat the damn cocaine that landed him in the grave. Today he continues to suffer from the show business that feeds on free women (Diego never forced anyone) to be with him to take advantage of the fame of a person who could not even go out on the street because he was harassed by fans from all over the world. world. Just as the “beatlemania” occurred, Diego generated even the Maradonian Church, a kind of ritual to a “god”; many formed a cult of idolatry as it happens in the city of Naples. Today the press shows again for morbid purposes a relationship that Diego had with a woman who was introduced to him in Cuba. Who knows about the many “perverse” who claimed to be Diego’s friends but at the same time plunged him further into his vices until the end that everyone saw on 11/25/2020. Here nobody is the one to judge Diego as they do so lightly, especially the press to make money at the expense of a sick person like him; It is the same when they laughed at Lionel Messi and his treatment of the hormones he had to take in order to overcome his adversity. I wonder who pays those people from a well-known program that has been broadcast every day for 20 years by an important channel in La Plata to denigrate anyone there is and that the relevant body such as Comfer does not sanction all these chimps who the only thing they do is harm a human being, the same thing that happened the other time with Mrs. Anamá Ferreyra of Brazilian nationality who treated her as a “monkey” when racism wiped out thousands of human beings and who still continue today dying people for these kinds of attitudes. How long and how far will these unscrupulous people go? Maradona was a controversial person and perhaps his last years he was insane but he deserves respect and even more so that he is not alive to defend himself from everything that he is accused of now. But it made many millionaires who used it to get fame and money. He who is free from sin can cast the first stone. JN 8 1-7 Leave the dead alone.

Fernando Esteban Saade

[email protected]

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