Iván Redondo settled accounts with the leadership of the PSOE after his departure from Moncloa. The one who was Pedro Sánchez’s reference advisor in recent years scourge to Ferraz the responsibility of presenting the motion of censure in Murcia in February that was the origin of the subsequent electoral decline of the Socialists. Then came, in May, the elections in Madrid and the overwhelming defeat of the PSOE, not only for the victory of Isabel Díaz Ayuso but also for the surprise of Más Madrid. Redondo wants to stand out, in his first in-depth interview after the catharsis in the Government, of the decision that marked a before and after in national politics and in sanchismo.

Redondo has wanted to use a face-to-face with Jordi Évole in La Sexta to unload his responsibility in public about the setbacks in Murcia and Madrid. He speaks of victories in the first person plural, but of defeats, in the third. “The motion could not be produced, that is my personal opinion,” says the San Sebastian, who focuses on Ferraz, a headquarters where he was never seen well, but where Sánchez introduced him to direct the last campaigns despite pedigree socialism . “Those who have the keys are those who considered presenting it,” he adds, making it clear that he only knew about the movement “the same day” it was carried out. “For me it was striking: it was a bold move that did not work and in which I did not participate; for that decision they did not want to have my opinion”.

Évole asks him why the Ferraz leaders who were then working in Moncloa, in his cabinet, like the current Minister of the Presidency, did not speak with him. Felix Bolaños, which in his day was his ‘alter ego’ in Semillas. They were known as ‘Oliver and Benji’, until those days. “It gives the feeling that they made him a bit empty,” Évole tells him. “It is a question of the party”, responds Redondo, unloading the responsibility, although without mentioning it, in the leadership of Ferraz. Santos Cerdán, Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, revealed in an interview in ‘Diario de Navarra‘that the motion was handled “from the Organization Area, both Jose Luis Ábalos like me, and we are also in continuous contact with the general secretary of Moncloa, who is Félix Bolaños, and with the president ”. With former Vice President Carmen Calvo he denies having had a bad relationship.

The return of Iván Redondo: two months without seeing Sánchez and in contact with Iglesias

Fernando H. Valls

On the hit of the PSOE of Madrid on 4-M, Redondo also throws balls out, despite the fact that he took the reins of the leadership of Ángel Gabilondo’s electoral campaign. “In a meeting with the ‘staff’ of the PSOE-M, I said there was barely 1% of [posibilidades de] to win”. Compare the policy with Formula 1 and define it as “an engineer“Not like” the pilot. ”

Did Sánchez leave or did he kick him out?

Iván Redondo takes advantage of his interview with Évole to reveal that on the day of his farewell to Moncloa, the Saturday of the government crisis, he had a “sincere, direct and human” conversation with Sánchez. The president said goodbye to him with a handshake, and not a hug, reveals the former adviser. “Finish with a handshake, I’m honest. And it wasn’t an easy time, clearly. It was a moment that we kept for both of us. We have shared a lot, that was a very important moment. There will be more”. And he adds: “That moment should not necessarily have happened that way because I asked him to be on that Saturday.”

He speaks of the victories in the first person plural; of defeats, in third

This is one of the most interesting moments in Redondo’s statement. What happened in the hours before you left the government? His version is this: “I am leaving the Government, I communicated it. The last try [de convencerme para que me quedara] It is Tuesday”. Redondo recounts “a dinner with two mutual friends of the president and myself“, that” they tried the best possible way for him to continue. “” I told them no, “he adds. He does not detail who they were, only that they asked him, on behalf of the president, to continue. The dinner ends, it does not end well. : “There is also a moment of tension. They voluntarily want me to continue. I was surprised [la insistencia]. It is not easy for me to talk about these issues because they are things that you talk about with the president. I can’t tell who they are. I’m not going to say it, I’m not going to go in, ”he insists Évole.

The Donostiarra also tells that Sánchez even offered him a ministry. Around May 21. “Yes (…) The president raised it with me. My little dog Currillo died and it was around that time that the president offered him to me. I had not cried so much in my life, “he explains. He denies that he wanted to be part of the Council of Ministers, although he points out that the president offered him “to be a minister when we won the motion, but I have never seen myself in that position.” “I decided to stop, I stopped, I explained it to the president, he understood. But I also told him, I’ll be clear, I am at the disposal of the president, of my country … “, he adds at another point in the interview. Redondo says that before leaving the government he spoke” between eight and 12 times a day “with Sánchez, but now he only limits himself to “we are in contact.” He repeats those three words up to three times. “Also with ministers,” he says.

Iván Redondo, in Évole’s ‘war room’. (The sixth)

“What do you miss about Moncloa?”, asks Jordi Évole.

“When I left there were tears, it was a very warm farewell, there was also applause. It was lived with great emotion. I miss the conversations. There is always a theme. The team that you have formed and that is with you. Conversations that cannot take place now, I have to be in the background ”.

“Did it hurt that Sánchez did not quote you at his farewell?”

“No. We had a sincere, direct and human conversation that morning. It is a reproduction of silence. I keep what has transferred me personally. We are not that important either. ”

The advisor also affirms that he believes that Sánchez is not jealous of him and that they had a “sacred” relationship. “We know each other a lot,” he says. “And I am going to tell something that he has never told. I let him enter my life and I in his,” he adds, revealing that the president told him: “I have tried to give you what others have not been able to give you and you have given me what others have not given me”.

Redondo seeks a place on the Ibex

Redondo uses the interview with Jordi Évole to find a place in the big company. He opens the door to sign, as an advisor, for any of them, even for an electrician, as Antonio Miguel Carmona has just done. “I would have to value it,” he says, without closing the door on anything and remembering that in his day, before being hired by Sánchez, he already served as “independent director of several companies.” He is also looking for a space to dedicate himself to teaching and announces that he will write an analysis in ‘La Vanguardia’ every Monday.

The Basque consultant, who defines Moncloa as “the best place in the world” to work, assumes that at 40 years of age “I have not done anything yet” and that, therefore, he is willing to listen to offers wherever they come from.

Ayuso or Married? What do you think of Yolanda Díaz?

The Donostiarra answers several questions in ‘flash’ format about the present and the future. It states, for example, that sees Pablo Casado with a greater chance of being president than Ayuso. Regarding the situation in Catalonia, he considers that “there will be no independence or a referendum; before 2030, work to reform the Constitution must be carried out. Whoever takes the first step will be right “, he assures, mentioning a” referendum to find out if the Spanish want to reform the Constitution. ” “Seven out of 10 are in favor,” he specifies. In Moncloa, he handled precise demographic data on this reality.

Photo: Iván Redondo (r), the confidant of President Pedro Sánchez (i).  (EFE)
Sánchez says goodbye via BOE to Iván Redondo: “Thanking him for the services provided”


Regarding the situation of Sánchez’s partners, Iván Redondo considers that Yolanda Díaz will improve the electoral results of Pablo Iglesias “If it is presented through a platform”. “Much”, he specifies, adding that he would have to bring together the “different options to the left of the PSOE.”

“Without the initials of Podemos?”, asks Évole.

“Through a platform”he insists.

Redondo ends the interview by predicting that Sánchez is the one “most likely, without a doubt,” of being president again. “If he leads the way with determination, yes.” The former tenant of the main power office of Seeds adds that he will vote in the next elections for Pedro Sánchez: “Yes, sure. Today, here and now”.

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