Hunting, intensive breeding ... the Animalist Party charges Macron on its balance sheet

Hunting, intensive breeding … The candidate of the Animalist Party, Hélène Thouy, charges Emmanuel Macron on his balance sheet.

POLITICS – A president against the grain? Emmanuel Macron is going to Haute-Saône, in Gray, this Monday, October 4, International Animal Day, to visit a SPA refuge for dogs and cats.

The opportunity for Then24 to ask Hélène Thouy, the leader of the Animalist Party at the next presidential election, to take stock of the head of state on animal welfare. If the Elysee speaks of a trip to praise “the action carried out in favor of companion animals”, the candidate she especially retains a five-year period of disappointments, “against the tide of the expectations of the French”, marked by renouncements and by Emmanuel Macron’s “complacency” towards hunters.

“Very optimistic” about the famous 500 signatures needed to run, Hélène Thouy, who won 2.2% of the vote in the 2019 European elections – almost as much as the UDI or the PCF – tells us more about her project and its proposals.

Then24: What is your assessment of the Macron five-year term on animal welfare?

There is a huge citizen expectation on this subject. The Macron candidate made promises before being elected, on the issue of caged laying hens or compulsory video surveillance in slaughterhouses, for example. Not only were they not kept, but it is worse than that: measures really contrary to the welfare of the animals have been taken.

On the issue of hunting, yet overwhelmingly rejected by citizens, we have a President who is completely complacent with hunters, who has authorized silencers, announced the return of presidential hunts, who has divided the price of the license by two, or is trying, more recently, to reinstate practices sanctioned by the Council of State. Emmanuel Macron is far below, and even against the expectations of the French.

What do you expect from his move today to an animal shelter?

We can see that he is trying to rebuild his virginity on the subject, to be attentive. But the reality really contrasts with the statements and this displacement. He realizes that the animal question is a promising electoral subject, so a few months before the deadlines, we must show a concern, take action … but if he really still has the capacity to adopt ambitious measures, let him do so. do. So far we have only been disappointed.

What are your main proposals for this campaign?

The exit from industrial and intensive breeding, which concerns a considerable number of animals reared in atrocious conditions, without access to the outside, in cages sometimes barely larger than A4 sheets. This is a measure that must be taken urgently, but with support because it is not enough to note that 82% of French people are in favor of this.

We want to accompany this measure with a very significant reduction in the consumption of animal products, with the lever of collective catering, with an incentive for market gardening, with aid to breeders. In reality, the exit from industrial and intensive breeding involves many variations. Being concerned about this question means being concerned, for example, with the issue of malnutrition, when one in five French people are not getting enough food.

Do you intend to cover other subjects than that of the animal question?

Our party is monothematic. But what we want to show is that integrating animals and the issue of animal welfare into our thinking leads us to rethink all of the major social issues in a different way. The animal question will always be a focus of our proposals, but we do not want a measure that is only centered on animals. The challenge for us is to show that we can both improve the lot of animals and at the same time that of humans.

Where are you with the 500 signatures needed to introduce yourself?

Our activists are really focused on this and we are quite optimistic or even very optimistic about the fact of managing to collect these famous 500 signatures, things are progressing well.

The mayors are aware of the importance of this subject for the citizens. But our particularity is to have hunters who are very opposed to our getting our sponsorships. We have feedback which explains to us that the hunters are mobilizing and trying at all costs to dissuade them from granting us their sponsorship. They are a very small minority, but what the mayors tell us is that they have a very significant nuisance power. We are there.

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