Everything you need to know before buying a toaster: models, power and functions

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A toast in the morning next to coffee is a good way to start the day. They have less sugar than cookies and tend to be more filling.

In addition, they also offer us more possibilities, being able to be sweet or salty or changing the type of jam. Although doing them in a traditional way is somewhat heavy, so it is always a good option to buy a toaster.

If you don’t know what type of toaster to choose or you’ve always gone for the first one you found, stay tuned. Here we are going to teach you everything you need to know to acquire the best toaster for you.

What is a toaster and what advantages does it have?

The toaster or toaster is a small appliance that typically used for toasting or heating different thick slices of bread. Being mainly sliced ​​bread or white bread, but other types of bread can also be used.

Currently there are models that serve to heat other foods. They are usually small upper grills or with some special mode.

Now, being such simple devices, surely you wonder what advantages can they offer you. He is actually one of those little friends in our kitchen that will make the beginning of our days easier.

to get started they are quite fast. You can generally toast a slice in a couple of minutes since they are toasted on both sides. Also keep in mind that nothing gets dirty, you just put the bread in, it is activated and that’s it.

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It should be noted that they also offer quite a bit of security. By not using fire it is difficult to burn. But in the new models there are even safety systems that prevent accidents.

Another of its main advantages is its price. Toasters are usually very cheap. Affordable for anyone, improving the quality of life for little money.

What should I look for in a toaster?

One of the first things we have to take into account is its construction when roasting. This means if you toast the bread on one or both sides. Some roasters (especially older ones) roast one side only. We recommend that you allow toasting slices on both sides..

It is also important to make sure that the grooves have a size that suits us. Maybe we use extra fat bread or make toast for the whole family.

We advise that if there are several of you, you opt for a toaster with longer slots, to get up to four slices at a time. This is great for families having breakfast together.

We must not forget the roasting levels. Keep in mind that toasters can have different power levels that they set. It is always advisable to have a greater choice.

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Of course, power is one of the most important issues. The toasters that we will find will be between 800 and 1,400 W. The higher the power, the more it will heat and toast. Although it can also offer us more power ranges to choose the level of roast.

Another topic to advise is take a good look at your bread ejection system. This is the famous lever that when pressed introduces the bread and when pushed upwards, it removes the toasts. Basically all toasters have it, but we strongly advise that if you don’t have it, you have a button that performs this action. There may be a problem and this is actually a security system.

Finally, it never hurts to look at the extras that the toaster can bring. As we have said before there may be grids that function as grills to put some kind of food on the toaster when it works to heat it more indirectly.

Another important extra could be the crumb tray. These types of accessories are very useful to keep the toaster clean and can even prevent old pieces of bread from burning and smelling scorched.

Tips for using a toaster

The first thing to do is always read the instruction book. It may seem like a simple machine, but the instructions will show us ways to keep our toaster in good condition for longer.

It’s recommended turn the toaster one to three times before inserting the first slice of bread. This adjusts the power levels and sterilizes the bread rack.

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A trick for take out the toast without burning yourself is to use nylon pliers. Although you can also raise the lever all the way, which will make the bread come out a little more from the slot.

Another tip we have is that you take into account the bread you toast. Those with slices that are too fat can cause problems because of their size. What’s more, If you use a more rustic bread, the power will be different from that of white bread, do not forget because eating very burnt bread is not good.

We are also going to give you some recommendations to properly clean this device. to get started disconnect the toaster from the mains And then put it on a tablecloth or cloth that can get dirty.

Then remove the crumb tray and clean it. If you don’t have a tray, turn the toaster over so that the crumbs come out of it. Later clean the inside with a toothbrush and some cleaning fluid. The exterior can be cleaned with a cloth, we recommend using a microfiber cloth.

Best roasters on the market

Now it’s time to talk about the best devices that we have found. Whenever you can’t find cheap Lidl appliances, we leave you these options.

We clarify that the toasters we have chosen are those that have a good price and offer different functions.

Tristar BR-1046, with extra long grooves

This is one of the cheapest roasters we have found. In addition, it is a good brand and brings us some extra large slots.

With these slots you can toast multiple slices at once. Being able to fit two slices of sliced ​​bread in each one, a couple’s breakfast will be ready in no time.

This makes it need extra power. In this case, the toaster has 1,400 W to be able to toast the bread properly.

Although it can also use all its heat to defrost thanks to its built-in function. Not to mention the warming rack for buns or pastries.

With a machine like this, making breakfast will be a luxury. With two extra long slots you can make up to 4 slices of bread so that more than one person can eat breakfast for a single use. It also has a rack to heat buns and a crumb tray that will keep everything clean.

Its power can be regulated without problem. Next to his crumb tray, he becomes one of the most complete roasters for a lower price.

It can be obtained for 26.90 euros. It is a very complete product at a great price.

Russell Hobbs Adventure, more features from a good brand

This toaster has 1 long slot for 2 slices of bread. These are wide slots that allow you to toast various types of bread, so there will be no problem if you like rustic bread more.

Has a nice brushed effect stainless steel design. With this aspect it will not clash in your kitchen.

The toast of the bread can be adjusted between various power levels. A) Yes you will be able to adequately control its 1,000 W of power, without burning your toast.

It also has extra functions such as the cancel button, which allows us to remove the toast before the end of the program. But it can also defrost and the lever can be used to activate an extra lift system that will allow to remove the bread more easily.

Enjoy perfect toasts with this stylish and feature-packed appliance. With a brushed steel finish, it will look luxurious on your countertop. In addition, it has extra wide slots so that any type of bread can enter without problems. It will also help you defrost food or heat buns with its grill.

Includes a rack for warming buns and buns, for those special breakfasts. But also a crumb tray that will keep the inside of the toaster clean.

It can be found for 29.99 euros on Amazon. It is a good price and a good brand. It will be a small appliance that will bring you many joys.

Morpilot 2221257-MO, with LED display for those in a hurry

This toaster has a more technological point than the rest of the competitors in this group. This is because has an LED display that tells us at all times the progress of the toast.

For those who get impatient, the screen can tell you how much time you have left to have your breakfast. Although they can always use the function to cancel the toast and thus have their slice before, but less toasted.

It has 6 levels of power regulation. Whether you like bread almost white or black like smut, you can find the toast just the way you like it.

You can also defrost food or heat buns with your top grill. in this case it is advisable to use the maximum power to improve heating.

With this toaster you will have everything you need to have a balanced and quick breakfast. Its two slots have a power regulator to choose from six levels. But its great innovation is in its LED screen that will inform you of the progress of toasting the slice of bread. Now you will know at all times when it is going to jump.

It also has a removable crumb tray for cleaning and safety of the toaster. The truth is that it is very complete and the screen is a success.

It can be in your kitchen for 29.99 euros. The truth is that we like your design and your ideas too. Uncertainty disappears thanks to the LED display.

Russell Hobbs Colors Plus, traditional look and modern features

If you like more toasters with a classic look, this model may be the one that convinces you. It is another Russell Hobbs machine and reminds us of old times without losing capabilities.

In addition to its red appearance, has a single extra long groove to fit two slices of bread together. This slot it is also somewhat wider than normal, with which any type of bread should enter.

Have a simple button system, with a wheel to regulate the power from the heat and a couple more buttons. One is used to switch on the defrost mode and the other to eject the toast.

Like the other Russell Hobbs on the list, the lever can be operated upwards to remove the toast. We avoid burning and thus offer us more security.

We can find it for a little more money than the rest, 37 euros are to blame. Is about one of the best rated models on Amazonso you can’t go wrong.

With this classic-looking toaster you will have all the virtues of the latest technology. You can toast slices of bread in pairs. In addition, its crumb collecting tray will allow you to keep the interior of the machine clean while you enjoy the toasted bread to your liking every day. You can also defrost bread or heat pastries thanks to its upper grill and its various functions.

As you can see, almost all roasters operate in the same price range. They also have similar accessories and modes. Some are made of steel or look different, but it’s up to you to decide between them.

We hope we have been of help to you and that you are now going to get your toaster. There is no excuse to start eating healthy in the morning.

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