The president of Cs, Ines Arrimadas, has warned this Sunday that “nationalisms and populisms are taking the baton of major political decisions,” so it has opted to become “the containment dam” against these movements.

In an event held at the Cs headquarters, in Madrid, of the liberal parties Cs and ALDE Party within the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE), Arrimadas has acknowledged having “Envy” of Germany, where both nationalism and populism have a “lesser weight” because, in his view, “The centrality can be agreed to provide solutions to problems.”

This can also be observed within the EU, as he has commented, since liberals, conservatives and social democrats reach “great agreements” to put aside nationalism and populism.

And at a time when «populism and nationalism, be it with magic solutions that have failed many times, or be it nationalism with identity discourses that what they do is undermine societies ”, liberals have to give, according to Arrimadas,“ sensible, modern, credible answers ”.

And is that, for Arrimadas, the European Union is «the greatest project of equality, freedom and prosperity that the human being has generated throughout the history of humanity.

The president of Cs has also made a parallel between Spain and Europe. In the first place, you have remembered how just four years ago, King Felipe VI gave his speech on the occasion of 1-O, to defend the Spanish Constitution. “That speech that gave us constitutionalist Catalans hope, can be perfectly vindicated because the values ​​are European”, has compared the president of Cs, who considers that “Spain is pro-European.”

The president of the formation has continued with the comparison, stating that Europe is not exactly a “set of identity homogeneity”, but the opposite. «We claim diversityWe can be Europeans with different languages, traditions, religions or aspects ”, he also said in reference to Spain.

Arrimadas has concluded his speech by mentioning the PP, which these days is celebrating its National Convention in Valencia. «They offer another alternation to power, the same we have seen in 40 years », he has criticized, to vindicate Cs as the «alternative». “Faced with the bibloquism that a divided society generates in us, we propose coexistence, cohesion; in the face of nationalisms and populisms we propose centrality ”, he added.

During the event, the MEPs of the orange formation, Luis Garicano and Maite Pagazaurtundúa, who also focused on the European question, also participated.

For Pagazaurtundúa, nationalisms and populisms spread “thanks to the technological revolution” and the “lies” that circulate so rapidly. And, according to the Cs MEP, the characteristics that define both movements are “Egocentricity and narcissism”. “The brown bundles, extraordinarily intoxicate the spaces where we should build commitments and the only thing there is is general victimhood to gain power and then limit citizenship, rights,” he said.


Meanwhile, Garicano has focused on other issues, such as Next Generation funds or some reforms planned by the current Spanish government. On this last point, he has criticized the reform in which the Minister of Universities is working, Manuel Castells, which includes “populist ideas”, although he has not specified what they are. He has also complained that with the reform, Castells is “loading” public education, therefore, for Garicano, “there is no one who is closer to private universities than the minister.”

This issue has prompted the interventions of Arrimadas and Pagazaurtundúa. While the president of Cs has asserted that the Government intends to “lower the quality of public education”, the MEP has regretted that the Government does not bet “neither by technology nor the humanities“, Which generates” ignorance “, which is the” oxygen “that populisms need to prosper.

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