TV models you need to adore a car coin

Today, many people want to buy the latest model television to use at home. State-of-the-art televisions can be sold at outrageous prices. There are some models that you have to pay a lot of money to buy them. “We sold the land and the car and bought a television,” in the period when television had just arrived in our country. You may have heard the stories of grandfathers who said. These models are in parallel with those stories of today. With their artificial intelligence technology, large screen, superior quality sound and color quality, these models range from 15 thousand TL to 50 thousand TL, literally the kind of car money!

  1. Sony BRAVIA XR65X90J

With this TV from Sony, picture and sound performance reaches its peak. Sony BRAVIA XR65X90J, which automatically provides the screen settings that the audience will feel most comfortable and organizes the image accordingly, offers 4K Ultra HD image quality with its Full Array LED technology screen. Thanks to the satellite receiver embedded in the Sony BRAVIA XR65X90J, you do not need to buy an extra receiver. The product, which comes with the Google Smart TV feature, manages to offer you a superior experience with its powerful processor and voice recognition feature.

With its stylish design, the product succeeds in getting high marks from the users. from here you can reach.

  1. LG OLED 65CX6LA

LG 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV stands out from its competitors with its 3rd Generation α9 Intelligent Processor. With its OLED Pixel Technology and 4K UHD resolution, it offers its users the viewing pleasure they deserve and long for. LG, which creates its products with the support of artificial intelligence by keeping up with the age of technology, does not open its eyes to its competitors in terms of sound quality. With the 2.2 Sound System and Dolby Atmos® technology, “That’s it!” after every screen experience. it says. If you want to experience webOS Smart TV and buy a device worth your money to this product you can take a look.

  1. SONY 65A8

    TV models you need to adore a car coin

With this product, SONY offers unique blacks, various colors and contrasts to the users who prefer it, making them feel privileged. Thanks to Sony4K X-Reality PRO, which is a breakthrough in television technology, it transfers all content to the audience in 4K form. The sound, which progresses in sync with the image, gives the audience an extraordinary experience. With its one-piece design philosophy, it destroys the traditional understanding of television. It aims to provide a superior experience with its powerful processor and user-friendly features.

If you want to experience depth and realism in its purest form, use this product. from here You can review.

  1. SONY 65AG9

Designed using new generation technologies, SONY OLED TV takes the home cinema experience to a new and very different dimension. Designed according to the wishes of the users, this television uses a combination of Picture Reality for a quality image and Sound From technologies for excellent sound quality. The new generation image processor X1 Ultimate analyzes the color tones and details in the most sensitive way and eliminates the imperfections that may occur in the image. This device, which stands out from its competitors with its state-of-the-art functions, manages to get full marks from the users with its stylish and ergonomic design.

to this great product You can find it here.

  1. SONY 75XH9505

    TV models you need to adore a car coin

SONY’s 75-inch, that is, huge 189-screen television clearly reveals its difference compared to its competitors, both with its processor and with its minor nuances. It brings the image quality to the top with the changes it makes in the LED regions and users can continue their enjoyment from where they left off. With the X1 Ultimate Picture Processor, this great TV promises users unparalleled realism. By taking full advantage of the 4K X-Reality PRO feature, you can upgrade all content to 4K and experience unique moments in your viewing pleasure.

This product of Sony, which has the latest technology and pays attention to the demands of its users, right here you can take a look.

  1. Philips 65OLED935/12

    TV models you need to adore a car coin

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“Let my TV get to know me and adjust its settings to give me the best experience.” If you think, this product of Philips with artificial intelligence technology may be the perfect choice for you. Thanks to this television, which reacts to the image on the screen with the LEDs on its edges and offers a realistic image with artificial intelligence technology, what you watch will not be erased from your mind. It offers a superior sound performance with Bowers & Wilkins’ special speaker design and Dolby Atmos sound technology.

This product, which offers its users a cinema-quality experience without leaving home, you can take a look here.

  1. Sony BRAVIA KD85X85J

    TV models you need to adore a car coin

Millions of colors meet the users with this attractive product of Sony. Thanks to its high contrast feature, the doors of reality are opened to customers who prefer this product. Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision technology, which allows you to experience the excitement of the cinema at home, fascinates people. A good partner is Dolby Atmos, which fills the entire room with surround sound, and Dolby Vision, which recreates scenes for an amazing viewing experience.

This product, where you can hit the bottom of the fun with its wonderful content, from here you can reach. Have fun watching.

  1. Sony XR-77A80J

    TV models you need to adore a car coin

Sony XR-77A80J, which has made a name for itself with the title of the world’s first cognitive-intelligent television, provides this opportunity to its users who desire to experience their vision and hearing senses in the most realistic way. The television, which offers 4K Ultra HD images with its new technology, conveys every detail on the screen to the audience in its most real form without any distortion. With its stylish design and the ability to shape the image according to the wishes of the users, it also manages to get full marks from the audience.

With its voice control feature, you can do and direct the activities you want without disturbing your comfort. from here you can reach. Have fun watching.

  1. Samsung 75Q950T

    TV models you need to adore a car coin

This TV of Samsung; It provides users with a cinema experience in the comfort of their home. This model, which is far beyond its standards; it manages to get full points with its high-level image quality, state-of-the-art technology and stylish design. While it offers a perfect image with its QLED screen, Dolby Digital Plus technology, which is also preferred in movie theaters, allows you to experience the atmosphere on the screen at home. Its 75” wide screen allows you to live the moment to the fullest while watching a match, playing a game or watching a movie.

If you say that I can’t afford the money I will give for the TV, then this product you can find it here.

  1. Samsung 85QN900

    TV models you need to adore a car coin

This product of Samsung, one of the favorite brands of new technology, offers a nice image quality to its users thanks to its large screen. Realistic color tones and sharp image settings that allow the audience to enjoy watching make this product indispensable. The built-in satellite receiver and suitable ports help you to use your television for a wide variety of purposes and offer you an inclusive service.

In order to enjoy various screen activities such as movies and games without disturbing your home comfort, this television You can use it with peace of mind. Don’t let your home enjoyment be spoiled.

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