They demanded $ 50 thousand a week from restaurant owners in Salamanca;  They reported but there was no response

Extortion began seven months ago. The right of floor so that the restaurant in Salamanca could operate without any problem was 50 thousand pesos a week. The messages came from people who claimed to be members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, in response two complaints were filed with the Guanajuato Prosecutor’s Office, but there was no response, and on Sunday night what the governor described as a terrorist act that left two dead as a result.

This was told to MILENIO, relatives of one of the members of the Barra 1604 bar, who announced that they had better decided to close the establishment, while the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) He discards that the explosive was a grenade and is already investigating the composition of the bomb gift.

In the place, two bouquets of carnations is the only thing that the Barra 1604 family restaurant guards today, in which this Sunday the owner and the manager died, while five more people were injured, victims of a bomb that arrived in the form of a gift birthday in Salamanca, Guanajuato.

On the Boulevard Faja de Oro, the rain on Sunday washed away the blood that was scattered after the detonation, only the confetti from the packaging and fragments of the gift box remained, without any police presence.

A few meters away, on the median, pieces of what appears to be the jaw and a dental prosthesis become an attraction for the curious of an attack already condemned by state and federal authorities.

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The owner and businessman Mauricio Salvador Romero Morales and the restaurant manager Mario Alberto Hernández Cárdenas, who died in the attack when they came out to receive the package, would be celebrating their birthdays.

The events were recorded after 7:00 p.m. when a package decorated with balloons arrived at the premises and at the time of reviewing it, it detonated.

The El Pirul neighborhood is silent and hides from the statements, the neighboring shops close at the edge of 3:00 p.m. and motorized vehicles monitor ground zero.

Not so the family of one of the victims, warn of extortion without delving into details of the attack. Members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) are mentioned as responsible and accuse that they were required 50 thousand pesos a week derived from a floor charge.

“My brother and Mario were the victims, but the message was not only for them, because we said so, right? These things when they are direct or frank, they reach someone are two bullets, this was a message to say that they are here, that they are still here, that they are not going to leave, it is a message to cause terror, to put us back to shutting ourselves up in our homes because I think no one is safe from seeing the National Guard or seeing the Army, I think on the contrary it gives us more paranoia and gives us more fear ”, Eddie Rainero declares in an interview.

His brother Mauricio would be 42 years old and today he can only affirm that the authorities are incompetent; “If they are not, we have to do it ourselves, of course I demand, of course I cry justice, but I cry peace and tranquility, that is what we want, that, not only me, but many, we are many.”

“Issues of a personal nature”

Sophía Huett, Executive Secretary of the Guanajuato State Public Security System, assured that one of the lines of investigation in the explosion of an artifact outside a restaurant in Salamanca is that of personal issues.

In an interview with Azucena Uresti for Radio Fórmula, the state official explained that “This event does not coincide with the intimidating characteristics that traditionally, and very unfortunately in Guanajuato, have occurred of criminal groups.”

“Regularly when it is sought to generate fear among the economic sectors, other types of mechanisms are sought: these criminal groups would not have been shy about the box exploding inside the restaurant itself; however in this case he makes the person go out to pick up the gift outside ”, detailed.

Huett López emphasized that, as an authority, they have to be “very careful” when affirming that it is a single line of investigation because, he said, “There is not, it is not only the issue of extortion.”

“Information on the victims is being corroborated and compiled in terms of other elements in their environment that could point it out (a personal issue), I could not delve into these matters because it is up to the Prosecutor’s Office to carry out the investigation” . Meanwhile, businessmen from Salamanca met to remember their friend Mauricio Romero, el ‘Chilis, who had already been in the restaurant business for a decade, without denouncing any kind of extortion.

“It was an issue that has shocked the Salamanca society, we are very saddened by the event, because we lost a friend, there is anxiety, hopelessness”, The president of the Business Coordinating Council in Salamanca, Raymundo Gómez, declares in an interview.

However, he trusts that the atrocious crime will be clarified and asks that this unfortunate event be a watershed for “a pact for the common good” in Salamanca, between all levels of government.

“Let’s hope that the State Prosecutor’s Office, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office resolve as soon as possible and that this does not become a routine thing, we hope that this is not the day to day, I have confidence in our authorities that they will solve it and the sooner the better “.

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