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At a press conference today, two experienced pathologists presented their investigations into ten deaths related to COVID-19 vaccinations. They were amazed at the results.

Professor Arne Burkhardt and Professor Walter Lang, who presented their results at a press conference today, are both pathologists with many years of experience. Burkhardt headed the Pathological Institute in Reutlingen for 18 years, Lang headed a private institute for 35 years, which specializes in pulmonary pathology, among other things. Together with other unnamed pathologists, both investigated ten deaths that had occurred after a COVID-19 vaccination. They obtained the tissue from the forensic scientists and pathologists who first examined the cases. The deceased examined were all over 50.

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Of the ten deaths, they found that five were very likely and two were probably vaccine-related; They considered one to be unclear and two they saw no causal connection. What amazed them, however, were the similarities between the cases they linked to the vaccination.

In three cases they found rare autoimmune diseases; one of them is so rare that you only discovered it on closer inspection of the digitized image. It was Hashimoto, an autoimmune hypothyroidism, leucoclastic vasculitis, an inflammatory reaction in the capillaries that leads to bleeding in the skin, and Sjogren’s syndrome, an inflammation of the salivary and lacrimal glands. Even if deaths with suspected vaccine reaction are far from being a representative sample of the population, three autoimmune diseases out of ten are a strikingly high rate.

The most striking finding, however, related to the lymphocytes. “The lymphocytes run amok in all organs,” said Professor Lang. He not only showed accumulations of lymphocytes in a wide variety of tissues, from the heart muscle to kidneys, liver and spleen to the uterus; He also showed pictures in which the tissue was massively attacked as a result, and a whole series of lymphocyte follicles, which are small, developing lymph nodes in a completely wrong place, for example in the lung tissue.

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There were also detachments of endothelial cells – the smooth cells that form the walls of blood vessels – clumps of red blood cells that ultimately trigger thrombosis, and giant cells that have formed around trapped foreign bodies.

Lang said he had never seen anything like these lymphocyte clusters in hundreds of thousands of pathological examinations. Normally, when there is inflammation, there are other white blood cells called granulocytes. In these cases, however, these are hardly to be found, instead masses of lymphocytes.

Further investigations are required to determine which type of lymphocytes is involved in this process and how exactly this is triggered in order to prove the connection with the vaccination very firmly; The histological examinations required for this would take at least another six months. Nevertheless, the results available so far are important enough to be announced in advance in the form of this press conference.

“We miss 90 percent,” he said, referring to the number of fatal vaccine reactions. This is not the fault of forensic doctors and pathologists, after all, you can only see what you know, and forensic medicine cannot carry out histological examinations anyway. But there is an urgent need to do more autopsies on such cases. Unfortunately, this is often hindered.

“Our job is to provide information about risks and side effects,” he said of the aim of his work. A task that, in the case of experimental vaccines, would actually have to be fulfilled by institutions such as the Paul Ehrlich Institute with an emergency approval.

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