"The lion's den": Helps "Glossy Dreams" our sneakers to a new shine?

“The Lions’ Den”
Does “Glossy Dreams” give our sneakers a new shine?

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In “Die Höhle der Löwen” a young founder promised to save our sneaker seams from staining and soiling on September 20th. Will that work? We’ll tell you!

Are you like me? I love sneakers and like to wear them until the first holes can no longer be overlooked. The fact that they are already completely worn out and dented, maybe even faded, doesn’t bother me at all. But what bothers me is the unsightly discolored, formerly white rubber of the soles and the dirty seams. At “Die Höhle der Löwen” a product called “Glossy Dreams” will be touted on Monday, September 20th, which aims to remedy the discoloration quickly and easily, at least against the discoloration in the vicinity. If that works? I, Brigitte editor Julia, have tested it.

“The Lion’s Den”: Will “Glossy Dreams” save the shine of my old sneakers?

The test object

My sneakers are getting a bit old. I’ve been wearing them for a long time when jogging and doing various outdoor sports. It’s no wonder that they look quite battered – but they are ideally suited for the “Glossy Dreams” test. Ideally, they have both white and black seamsand so I can test both variants directly on one shoe. Because the Impregnation pen are available in white and black.

The application

Simple, quick and straightforward – this is how the impregnation pen is used, which is hidden behind the sonorous name “Glossy Dreams”. The pen shape, similar to a felt pen, is ideally suited to run over the seams once. It’s like drawing a line in a coloring book. Easy!

The only drawback: The impregnation pen is as wide as a conventional Edding and therefore significantly wider than the seams of my shoes. A Painting over cannot be prevented. Where is the problem? More on this in the section “Result”.

The intermediate result

After a short drying time, my sneakers are ready for use again. Good thing – I have a playground date with my best friend and her daughters. I can then put the impregnation pen to the test.

The result

First of all: the pens keep what they promise. The seams are white or black after the treatment and will remain so for the time being. However, I cannot unreservedly recommend the pens.

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The broad tip of the pen turns out to be a problem. The painting over of the vicinity and thus the inevitable contact with the artificial leather of the shoes can be seen permanently. The black seams and the black synthetic leather are noticeable light, matt stripe on. The black synthetic leather parts, which are otherwise shiny despite the dirt, stand out from the treated lines and seams on closer inspection.

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The white synthetic leather strips show a even clearer color difference between the unintentionally treated synthetic leather and the remaining synthetic leather strips. This proves that the seams – as desired – are significantly whiter than before – but it doesn’t look particularly beautiful. Because so the dirty part only comes into its own more clearly.

My conclusion

The “Glossy Dreams” pen obviously works. However, my recommendation would be to use the pen for new white sneakers and to prevent it from getting dirty from the outset.

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