Koeman's 'tiki-taki' shows the degradation that Barcelona is experiencing

“If you see the list, the summoned … What to do? Play ‘tiki-taki’, ‘tiki-taki’ where there is no space?” In other circumstances, these statements of Ronald Koeman after the draw ‘in extremis’ of FC Barcelona before him Granada (1-1) surely they would have cost the Dutchman his job and would even have been considered a proper dismissal. However, the ruin, not only economic, but also sporting, in which the Catalan club finds itself does not allow it to its leaders no matter how much they want, although the economic vice president of Joan Laporta said a few days ago that firing the coach “is not a money problem.”

In fact that Eduard Romeu will ensure that “The commitment to Koeman and the support for his work is total”, to add that “I tell him that we are not going to fire him”, makes him an accomplice of the degradation that the Barça coach himself ridicules the way of playing that has given the Barça team an identity, in addition to leading him to win more titles than ever. The tiki-taka, turned into ‘tiki-taki’ by Koeman, which is certainly the least relevant, is a term used by a large part of the press and, due to contamination, by fans.

This battle has long been lost, but what seemed unthinkable is that it would move within the club itself. “I hate tiki-taka. I hate it.”, came to declare Pep Guardiola, to make it clear that This term is not only pejorative, but those who use it do not understand what it consists of the so-called position game. That is, playing at different heights, looking for the third man or free man, with conductions to attract the rival and passes to disorganize him, creating superiorities from the back exit with the goalkeeper’s game, the important influence of the interiors to enter from the inside and appear outside …

A fan of FC Barcelona holds a banner of thanks to Guardiola. (EFE)

“The tiki-taka is passing the ball to pass, without any intention”Guardiola added. “And this is useless. Do not believe what they say: Barça did not have any tiki-taka! That is an invention! Do not pay any attention!”, Begged the Catalan coach, whom to listen to his former teammate Ronald referring to the ‘tiki-taki’ will have been horrifying. The truth is that while Pep was clearly the best student he could have Johan Cruyff, Koeman heads the group of Eusebio, Bakero, Sergi O FerrerAll of them are very far from understanding what this football really consists of, in which they do not give passes for the simple fact of giving them, but there is a reason, which you also have to know how to explain to footballers.

The origin, in Cappa and Clemente

The origin of the term tiki-taka dates back to 1994, when Angel Cappa wrote an article in ‘El País’ entitled ‘El tiki y el toque’. It was Javier Clemente who, from his deepest ignorance of what was being talked about, wanted to ridicule that expression by turning it into the infamous ‘tiki-taka’. Cappa himself explained it to Luis Miguel Hinojal in an interview published by the magazine ‘Libero’. “All part of a confusion that still persists (…). It was the confusion of believing that a team plays as a concession to the public, with a football unconcerned about the result. And it is just the opposite: touch is the essence of this game because it is collective “, explained the Argentine coach.

If there was something he missed Cappa, it was that “despite everything that Barcelona have won, the Spanish National Team and what they are doing in favor of football and rescuing the essence of the game, there is still doubt, mistrust. “But, like it or not, this is so. If something was valued at the time of the triumphs obtained, both for the Barça of Guardiola as for the selections of Luis Aragones first and Vicente del Bosque later, it is because of how they conquered them.

Photo: Koeman, with Nagelsmann in the background, during Barça-Bayern.  (REUTERS)

And precisely for this reason, talking about tiki-taka is an attack on the very essence of Barça and the game that has given the most success in Spanish football, as well as a lack of respect for coaches and trainers such as Paco Seirul.lo O Joan Vilá, in addition to Guardiola himself, the aforementioned Cruyff and, of course, the also Dutch Rinus Michels. It is normal that Koeman can make a mistake in the use of Spanish, hence calling it ‘tiki-taki’, but what he cannot is go against a game model that, until not long ago, seemed sacred. Of course, the renewal of Messi also seemed like it, and look where it ended …

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