A fire monster with 10 mouths: the lava rivers of the La Palma volcano engulf hundreds of houses

Lava leaves nothing in its wake. Those who have been able to see the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, members of the emergency teams describe Daily of Notices how rivers of molten rock they begin to accumulate around the houses until they are completely engulfed.

Family photos, mementos and assets that have cost their owners so many years of effort are gone in a matter of minutes. It is a slow and agonizing process. It is possible to stop a fire, for this the appropriate weather conditions must be given and the necessary amount of means must be deployed. The jets of magma at over 1,000 degrees temperature are hopeless. According to the authorities’ calculations, Yesterday, more than a hundred homes in El Paso and Aridane had already been lost.

Sergio Rodriguez, Mayor of El Paso, explains to this newspaper that what the residents of his municipality have experienced is “Dante”. First, last month, the flames devastated farms and townhouses in an event that was the largest fire in the urban-agricultural interface of the Isla Bonita. And now it is a volcano that, from the depths of its entrails, expels hot matter, which does not stop and continues on the way to the coast, destroying the places of residence and livelihoods of thousands of palm trees.

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Lava from the volcano destroys a house on La Palma. EP

Swallowed houses

For the councilor, one of the images that will remain recorded for life is that of “The lava flows of 10 meters that engulf two-story houses.” However, he wanted to emphasize that there have been no human losses to regret and the evacuations have been completed successfully, relocating the residents of the risk areas in provisional resources enabled in different parts of the island territory, such as the military barracks. The Fort (Breña Baja).

Regarding the feelings of the people of El Paso when they were hit by two major incidents in such a short period of time, Rodríguez indicates that “many people were in shock by that and now this has come. I have to admit that a fire is not comparable, because, despite the circumstances, it is controllable; but with the laundry you feel very small ”, since nothing can be done to avoid the catastrophe. And in fact, points out that the concern of public officials has been increasing, to the extent that yesterday a new tongue emerged from the volcano at the height of Rajada Mountain. That is to say, that some properties evicted as a precaution that, initially, were not going to be hit fully by the event, may disappear in the next few hours.

Eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma.  EP

Eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma. EP

“There is no consolation”

For its part, Lorena Hernandez, Councilor for Security in Los Llanos, acknowledged in statements to Europa Press that “it is true that many people, from outside, see something spectacular” around the eruption process. “Obviously, it is a spectacular natural phenomenon to see, last night’s light from the volcano was impressive. But behind there are many true stories of people who have lost everything, their livelihood; You have to put yourself in the shoes of all these families, “he recalled, while regretting that there are” people who know that they have lost their homes or those who are still thinking that they are going to lose it because they still do not know. “

“There is no consolation possible or possible information ”for them, he added. Late in the afternoon, the town council launched a campaign to collect donations for the benefit of the victims of the incident. Those interested can make a bank transfer to the account with IBAN ES06 2100 1921 1902 0014 1752 with the concept “La Palma volcano donation”.

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