In smaller groups or directly individual classes, with restricted access, mask and without shower or changing room. After all, in the around 400 clubs and cultural entities in the Region, tens of thousands of residents continue to manage to develop dozens of activities even though the reopening, still at the rate of a pandemic, is leaving a mark on the organization. . Only that, because the leaders whom this newspaper consulted agreed that interest in sports, courses and workshops was renewed, almost to the boiling point.

“People want to go back. He needs to go back. We started well a month or so ago ”, said Alberto Alba, president of the Federation of Cultural and Sports Institutions of La Plata about the situation in the world of neighborhood clubs and associations.

After an extensive period of closure and activity on account of drop, with the phase change applied in the health emergency, two months ago, the return that already has to classes, trainings and even competitions underway began.

Of course, everything is developed with a different scheme to what is known so far. The president of the Villa Elvira Development Center, Daniel Rodríguez, analyzed that “the situation is not the same” as in March 2020. “We work with the protocols,” he warned. “Before you would enter (the headquarters of the Center) and people would cross paths within the area. Now, we separate the accesses so that, for example, it does not cross skate, with boxing, artistic gymnastics ”. As detailed, they created three sectors in the building of 120 and 75 to define the movements of the groups of athletes. At the end of a volleyball team, the skate or basketball team enters and leaves in distant areas. Each workout or class ends ten minutes early to encourage these movements and disinfect the area.

Another novelty is that parents and companions cannot enter. Around 250 people of all ages who practice gymnastics, taekwondo, boxing, skateboarding, volleyball and basketball move around this way every day. “We had to go back hours. Before, everything started at 5 in the afternoon. Now, it starts at 2.30pm.

At the same time, the groups were reduced. In volleyball practice they do not exceed 12 people, a number similar to that of skate girls, basketball teams or boxing. The organization moves in the possibilities of the number of members of the Center’s community, which is 60 percent compared to the volume of the beginning of last year, before the pandemic.


In the Romerense Club they see the social and sports proposal greening. The president of the entity, Néstor Gutiérrez, said that “the activities returned quite strongly. It is seen that the confinement has been like a dam and there is a need for people to participate. A lot of people are coming even though we don’t have all the activities in place ”.

In tune with his peers from other institutions, the manager explained that “activities where there are many people were developed in smaller groups and take longer hours. Skate, for example, with extended hours, three times a week, has smaller groups of 10 or 15 girls. That’s almost half of the organization before the pandemic, ”he said.

“There is a need for people to participate in the activities,” they say in Romerense

The same happens with basketball, a new offer that Romerense added last year. “We have a school. We are in the first steps, with boys of different ages. Groups are formed so as not to get them together a lot even when we have a large and ventilated gym ”, he explained.

The girls and boys of basketball, like the rest of the associates, have their temperature taken at the door of the Club. The use of the chinstrap and the disinfectant solution on the hands is also controlled. “It is key not to gather so many people, to take the temperature. The other thing that is done is to emphasize the use of masks ”, indicated Gutiérrez.

Until March 2020, there were 27 activities in Romerse. The most “traditional” sports coexisted with courses and dance classes. Everything is coming back. “Although at the beginning there could be some kind of fear, now you see little. We are having a lot of demand, “said the manager and pointed out that they are already going through a dozen activities that were resumed at the headquarters and the sports field where 26 men’s and women’s soccer teams are already added, from 5 to more than 40 years old. .

He also reopened the library (only to pick up and return books), the bocce court and the buffet (where there are works these days). At the same time, the reopening of the free pediatric clinic at the headquarters is still awaited. There, the social gatherings were also resumed: “Before they were for 100 or 150 people. Now, the groups are not more than 40 or 45 ”, said Gutiérrez and added to the list of activities that taekwondo, pastry classes and Zumba classes returned.

Alberto Alba integrates the Federation as a representative of the Casa del Tango. Things changed there too: “We started with the library and we serve perfectly, but we put the books aside, we disinfect them,” he said. There were also modifications to the singing and tango classes: “the music classes are individual or in pairs and are held in a large room. The tango girls don’t have more than three or four couples, ”he said.

“In general, most adapt to the new rules because there is awareness”

In the latter case, changes of companion are not allowed. “Each couple must be from the same bubble,” he said, referring to coexistence, for example. You can no longer invite to dance, choosing from a group of up to 20 people, as was customary.

Virtual dance classes are also under way, which the Casa del Tango dictates as part of a program of the UNLP’s rectorate.

In singing classes, which do not extend beyond the average, only the chinstrap is removed when singing. And no one is ever around.


There are also some setbacks. In Villa Elviram, Rodríguez said, “There are people who don’t like the fact that entry is not allowed (to look for the boys), but you have to make people understand. Also to clear the hall. People settled down. They began to understand when they saw the amount of deaths there were.

In that center they also do disinfection and “we ask that they not use the toilets as much as possible. Changing rooms are not used for showering after the activity. The other day a team from Lezama came and asked about the dressing room. We told them it was convenient, that they change on the field, “said the president of the Villa Elvira Development Center.

Returning to the role of president of the Federation, Alba evaluated that “in general, in the clubs there are no problems with people. In outdoor activities it is not a problem because we do not have so many limits. Precautions are taken, such as disinfection, for example. In general, people adapt because there are no alternatives and there is awareness ”, he concluded.

According to data from the Federation before the pandemic, around 80,000 people carried out activities in some 400 institutions.

“We are on our way to that (to resume the pre-pandemic rhythm). Is awesome. Parents come with the kids every day. There is a lot of anxiety about sports ”, said Rodríguez.

In Villa Elvira they also added the library, but they are working to add other proposals. “Before the pandemic we used to buzz in a room where today you cannot work because of the number of people. They do not give the dimensions ”, indicated the manager.

To rearm themselves, the clubs resort to consultations “on all sides. With the Municipality and the Federation of Institutions. For example, we ask about the capacity to hold meetings. We have the idea is to make a club in the next few weeks, “he said.

Rodríguez indicated that “as leaders we have the obligation to take care of the people. I would like everyone to be inside, watching, but it can’t be done ”. In Villa Elvira, they counted two cases of coronavirus. “As far as we know, we had a girl and a boy who had traveled to Brazil. That forced them to suspend activities for ten days. For us it is touching, because one wants to add people ”, he indicated.

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