If there is one word that defines Victoria Abril, it is undoubtedly ‘controversial’. The actress joins the roster of contestants of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 6’ and, like colleagues such as Terelu Campos, Carmina Barrios or Verónica Forqué, it is more than sure that your dishes will not go unnoticed for Spanish Television viewers.

Victoria Mérida Rojas was born on July 4, 1959 in Madrid, although she grew up in the Malaga town of Benajarafe. The childhood and adolescence of the also singer was marked by ballet and, above all, by the strange absence of his father, whom he believed deceased until he was 15 years old. However, when he decided to undertake his search, he was already dead.

His film debut

April had a first foray into the cinema within a cast of authentic luxury, with Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery at the helm. To this tape, ‘Robin and Marian’ (1975), It was followed by the controversial ‘Sex Change’, in 1977, where he gave life to a transsexual person, a role that Angela Molina had previously rejected. Vicente Aranda, director of the film, counted on her for successive productions: ‘The girl with the golden panties’ (1980),’ Murder in the Central Committee ‘(1981),’ Time of silence ‘(1986) or’ El Lute : Walk or bust ‘(1987).

In 1982, she moved to France for love and has continued to reside there ever since. Some time before, she had met the filmmaker Gérard de Battista, with whom she had two children, Martín (1990) and Félix (1992). Thanks to his participation in more than twenty French titles, in the neighboring country he has achieved “respect” as an interpreter that he claims not to enjoy in Spain. “France has always respected the actors, they don’t treat us like pu ***”, he assured in an interview for ‘Jotdown Magazine’.

A still from Victoria Abril in ‘The Girl with the Golden Panties’.

From love to ‘hate’ with Almodóvar

Despite having spent some time developing her acting career in France, she never stopped being connected with Spain. The manchego Pedro Almodovar He signed the actress for ‘The Law of Desire’ (1987), although her stellar role would arrive in 1989 with ‘Átame’, a work in which she would play a former porn star and drug addict in the process of recovery. With ‘High heels’ (1991) and ‘Kika’ (1993) this professional union and even friendship would end.

Almodóvar’s current relationship with the one who was his muse between the late 80s and early 90s is strained at best. The Madrilenian does not usually miss the opportunity to ‘shoot’ against the director whenever she has the chance. In a chat with ’20 minutes’, came to pronounce this phrase: “[Vicente] Aranda has died. Agustín Díaz Llanes is no longer filming and Pedro Almodóvar has not died, but I for him, yes “. April’s usual justification for claiming that the one from Ciudad Real has not called her for almost three decades to star in his films is that, apparently, “Almodóvar only likes thirty-something.”

Victoria Abril in ‘Átame’, a film by Pedro Almodóvar.

From ‘One, two, three’ to inaugurate T5

Victoria Abril’s career on television began in 1976, in the historic ‘One, two, three …’, a program for which Chicho Ibáñez Serrador assigned him the position of accounting hostess. Dressed in huge glasses and a calculator in hand, the artist counted the accumulated points of the participants and announced the amount of pesetas won. The contest opened the doors to other types of spaces on TVE, of series such as’ Los Libros’, ‘Los pazos de Ulloa’ or ‘The woman of your life’, as well as the conduction of spaces such as’ 625 lines’ or ‘ On foot, by bike or by motorcycle ‘.

Abril was also one of the faces linked to the arrival of private channels in 1990. On March 3 of that year, Telecinco kicked off its broadcasts with an inaugural gala presented by Miguel Bosé and her. Interestingly, at present, both faces have been placed in the spotlight for their messages and opinions denial of the coronavirus.

Victoria Abril and Miguel Bosé, at the opening of Telecinco. (Mediaset)

He has had small appearances in Spanish television fictions (‘Central Hospital’ and ‘Sin identity’) and has also made monologues for ‘El club de la comedia’. In addition, he has been part of the jury, along with Angel Llàcer, of ‘Un Air de Star’, the French version of ‘Your face sounds to me’.

Denialism of Covid-19

Victoria Abril has captured the media spotlight in recent months for issues far removed from the artistic. In February 2021, during the presentation of the Feroz Awards, to which he refused to go with a mask, Victoria called the pandemic “coronacircus” and pointed to conspiracy postulates: “We have been Covid-19 for a year and we know who the dead are. Before they were getting scared to say that the only solution is the vaccine, but the vaccine takes two months and they are directly testing human beings such as guinea pigs.”

April appealed to those present to ignore television and yes to scientific forums on the Internet that dealt with the issue: “At the moment, we have more deaths with a vaccine than without a vaccine. One thing is what the television says. in scientific forums, where impressive things are learned. ” Days after uttering these words, had the opportunity to rectify in ‘La Sexta noche’, although he refused to detach himself from these dangerous theories.

Victoria Abril, at the Feroz 2021 award ceremony. (EFE Agency)

This is how TVE justified his signing

Obviously, when it became public that Victoria Abril would be one of the contestants on ‘MasterChef Celebrity 6’, criticism rained down on the public corporation. In the space ‘RTVE responds’, the reason why the signing of the actress was considered viable after the controversy was explained: “On February 26, the actress Victoria Abril, during the press conference of the Feroz Awards, held said statements, really unfortunate and that RTVE cannot share as it shows daily in its editorial line through all its programs “.

“But it should be remembered that it was the actress herself, days later, who publicly apologized during her speech of appreciation at the Feroz Awards ceremony, which speaks in favor of his reflective character and his ability to recognize mistakes “, expressed the direction of RTVE entertainment programs.

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