The faces said it all. When you leave your home in a hurry, fleeing the lava and not knowing what can happen with what you have cost so much to achieve, it only remains to wish that nature is kind. That is the climate that was breathed yesterday in the El Fuerte barracks (Breña Baja), where fifty people with reduced mobility were evacuated from three in the afternoon from up to eight areas where the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano could have more impact: San Nicolás, Jedey, Las Manchas de Abajo, Paraíso, La Bombilla, El Remo, Puerto Naos and El Charco. In the military enclave they were received by personnel from the Red Cross and the Palmera Health Area, who subjected them to an antigen test before being allowed entry. In total, more than 5,000 people were evacuated from El Paso, Los Llanos and Tazacorte.

There were tears, concern and, especially, uncertainty, among those who saw the lava up close, in the vicinity of their homes, and feared that the molten rocks would undo part of their lives. However, the general trend at the evacuation points was that of those who had heard their parents, grandparents speak or had even seen the eruption of Teneguía as children 50 years ago, so they faced it naturally, although the scare was difficult to get out of the body. And it is that, once the events precipitated and the hot matter emerged from the bowels of the earth, hundreds of residents of the aforementioned areas were evicted, who were later joined by at least 170 other people from Tazacorte and 700 from the coast of Los Llanos de Aridane as a preventive measure.

Precisely from this last municipality, 500 tourists who were staying at the hotel in Puerto Naos were evacuated, who told Diario de Avisos about their experience. This is the case of Joseph and Cordula, two Germans who, for four days, were able to enjoy the charms of the Isla Bonita, until yesterday afternoon they were called from the reception. “They said we had little time to pack our things. The older people, as they had felt some tremor, were afraid and went out earlier, ”he says. He also remembers his last day of tranquility, prior to the natural phenomenon: “We went to Puerto de Tazacorte to take a bath. It was very good. And today – yesterday for the reader – we wanted to stay in the pool”.

Marta and Enrique, natives of Alicante, had chosen to do a hiking route through the North. Thus, leaving early, they visited Cubo de la Galga and Charco Azul, in the northeastern part of the island, but when they wanted to return to the lodging resource, they came across the operation from Puerto Naos. Cars were leaving mostly in the opposite direction. They were informed of what was happening and, after stumbling around due to coordination problems by the authorities, they arrived at the Roberto Rodríguez Estrello pavilion in the capital.

The Alicante people Marta and Enrique had chosen an outdoor activity, hiking, one of the main attractions of La Palma, to enjoy their stay in the Canary Islands. But the volcano had other plans for those who were treading the Aridane Valley area at that time. And a thought that Marta, who is a nurse, could not get out of her head yesterday was: “This year we had already had enough in the Hospital with Covid-19.”

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